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U.S. Starts Shipping Weapons To Syrian Kurds

Just three weeks after reports first emerged that the Trump administration was considering arming the Syrian Kurd militia caught in the crossfire between Turkish and Syrian army forces, NBC reported that the American military has started shipping weapons and equipment to the Kurdish fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces, also known as YPG, a key […]

Russian Warplanes Fly First Joint Mission With US-Coalition Aircraft Kremlin Says, Pentagon Denies

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, cited by AP, Russian warplanes have flown their first combat mission in Syria with U.S.-led coalition aircraft. Russian Interfax added that various ISIS storage facilities, and militants were eliminated in the “joint strike”: ISIL STORAGE FACILITIES, MILITANTS ELIMINATED IN JOINT STRIKE CONDUCTED BY RUSSIAN AEROSPACE FORCES, INTL COALITION FORCES […]

Manhunt Underway For Gunman Who Killed 39 At Istanbul Nightclub

A manhunt was underway for a gunman who opened fire on people at a packed nightclub on the shores of Istanbul’s Bosphorus waterway on New Year’s morning, killing at least 39 people, including 15 foreigners, then fled the scene. The suspect escaped the scene by changing clothes at the club after the attack, according to […]