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Midterm Elections & A Paradigm Shift (Return) to the Left

After the President was elected and inaugurated, I wrote several articles specifically stating that if he didn’t accomplish significant changes by the Midterm Congressional elections, he would not be reelected. We are seeing this on its way to fruition with the Alabama race to fill the seat of Jeff Sessions. The Democrat Doug Jones has […]

RussiaToday: Two-Party Dictatorship: US choosing lesser evil?

Republican candidates continue to battle it out in the primaries across the country in the hopes of challenging Democratic President Obama for the top job. But recent gallop polls suggest American’s are not satisfied with having only two choices with …

The Continuing Rhyme of History: “The Order of the Star Spangled Banner”

Jesse’s Café Américain 20 March 2012 “As late as 1850, the two party system was, to all outward appearances, still healthy. Both the Democrats and Whigs were able to attract support in every section and neither party was able to win more than 53 percent of the popular vote. Then, in the space of just […]