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19/5/17: U.S. Household Debt: Things are Much Worse Than Headlines Suggest / Constantin Gurdgiev / May 19, 2017 Those of you who follow this blog know that I am a severe/extreme contrarian when it comes to median investor perceptions of the severity of leverage risks. That is to say, mildly, that I do not like extremely high levels of debt exposures at the macroeconomic level (aggregate real economic […]

Fed fines Deutsche Bank $156.6 million for forex violations / By Patrick Rucker and Karen Freifeld, Reuters / Thursday, April 20, 2017 The U.S. Federal Reserve on Thursday fined Deutsche Bank $156.6 million for violating foreign exchange rules and running afoul of the Volcker Rule. The German bank failed to detect and halt its traders from using chat rooms to communicate with competitors, […]

Our Bold 2017 Gold Price Prediction / by Cameron Saucier via Money Morning / December 20, 2016 Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth has an ambitious yet attainable 2017 gold price prediction. Krauth, a 20-year veteran of the resource market, believes the price of gold could break out from its current lows, surging as much as 22% to $1,400 per ounce by the […]

Why do some nations hold more gold? / By Will Railton via City AM, London/ December 7, 2016 As an asset, gold is entirely speculative. It provides no income or dividends and has few industrial or medical applications. Investors buy it only in the confidence that humans’ peculiar and enduring fascination with the lustrous metal will ensure its value through the decades […]

Whatever Janet Yellen Says Today, She’ll Be Dead Wrong / by Michael E. Lewitt • June 15, 2016 At 2:00 p.m. today, the U.S. Federal Reserve will release its infamous “dot plot” showing projected interest rates, along with economic forecasts and a policy statement. Now, it should be noted that the Fed has a terrible forecasting record. Nonetheless, markets will continue to hang on every utterance […]

The Fed Was Hacked More Than 50 Times Between 2011 And 2015 / by Tyler Durden / 1 June 2016 In the aftermath of the bizarre SWIFT hack that supposedly allowed brazen Asian hackers to steal $81 million from the account of the Bangladesh central bank held at the Fed, attention has predictably shifted to the question of whether there was just “one cockroach.” As it turns out there […]

If Gold Prices Hit This Number, Take Notice / by Peter Krauth via Money Morning / May 20, 2016 It looks like the awaited correction in gold prices could finally be here, courtesy of the U.S. Federal Reserve. On Wednesday, May 18, the April FOMC meeting minutes were released. That was the impetus for the 1.1% decline in the price of gold so far this week. The […]

Why the 2016 Bear Market Will Soon Come Out of Hibernation / by David Zeiler via Money Morning / April 5, 2016 With first-quarter earnings expected to be ugly, investors need to prepare themselves for a reawakening of the bear market that roiled stocks back in January. The rally over the past six weeks has done much to erase the anxiety from a 10.5% drop in the Standard & Poor’s […]

Why You Should Own Gold Before the Government Starts Handing Out Free Cash / Justin Spittler / April 05, 2016 Ivy League economists agree… The economy is struggling because central banks haven’t printed enough money. If you’ve been reading the Dispatch, you know this statement is absurd. After all, central banks have printed trillions of currency units since the 2008 financial crisis. The U.S. Federal Reserve has printed $3.5 […]

Goldman Sachs Nailed for Umpteenth Abuse, Yet Continues to Set Fed Policy

Photo by Mike Licht / by Money Morning Staff Reports • January 29, 2016 The alma mater of those financial elites who help decide U.S. economic policy keeps getting caught for swindling the American people… You see, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (NYSE: GS) has special ties to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Currently, former executives head up the […]