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EM FX Technical Picture: Is EM FX Finally Turning? / Dr. Win Thin / 2017/08/06  Is EM FX finally turning?  We have been surprised (and puzzled) by how well EM currencies have held up as DM rates have risen.  Recent price action suggests we may at an inflection point for EM FX.  We note too that similar patterns are being seen in the major currencies as […]

REALIST NEWS – Silver Gold Man – Here is the Expose on this Coward

jsnip4, Published on Aug 3, 2017 The post REALIST NEWS – Silver Gold Man – Here is the Expose on this Coward appeared first on Silver For The People.

Audio Reveals Seymour Hersh Alleging Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source / Elizabeth Vos / August 2, 2017 Cassandra Fairbanks of Big League Politics released audio today revealing journalist Seymour Hersh had stated that Seth Rich provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks. The stunning audio files also appear to contradict claims made by private investigator Rod Wheeler in a defamation suit filed today against Fox News stemming from allegedly false quotation […]

Happiness Is a Normal Yield Curve / By John Mauldin / July 29, 2017 “I never liked quantitative easing. Flattening the yield curve is not stimulative; flattening the yield curve is anti-stimulative.” – Ken Fisher “There is a limit to how much the United States Treasury can borrow.” – Alan Greenspan “In other words, we have the models we have […]

S&P Futures Bounce As VIX Hammered, Europe “Euphoric”

After sliding to 3 month lows on “car cartel” concerns yesterday, European stocks have rebounded after three days of declines, while oil extended gains after Saudi export cuts, with Brent rising above $49 and WTI just shy of $47. Asian stocks fell while S&P futures rose 0.2% to 2,473, putting yesterday’s GOOGL drop on plunging […]

Moscow, Baghdad Sign Huge Arms Deal

Authored by Peter Korzun via The Strategic Culture Foundation, It was reported on July 20 that Russia and Iraq have struck a deal on supplying a large batch of T-90 tanks. Vladimir Kozhin, the Russian president’s aide for military technical cooperation, confirmed the agreement but declined to provide details, saying only «the number of tanks […]

Market Report: Unchanged on the week / By Alasdair Macleod / July 14, 2017 Gold and silver prices steadied this week, with gold up only $3 at $1218 in early European trade this morning (Friday), and silver unchanged at $15.68. As our headline chart shows, silver is now marginally lower on the year, and gold’s rise has been pared to 5.75%. All […]

Unite and Rule: EU As NATO’s Auxiliary Economic Alliance

Authored by Nauman Sadiq via Oriental Review, According to a recent infographic by New York Times, 79,000 US troops have currently been deployed in Europe out of 210,000 total US troops stationed all over the world, including 47,000 in Germany, 15,000 in Italy and 17,000 in the rest of Europe. By comparison, the number of […]

Is This The Generation That Is Going To Financially Destroy America? / By Michael Snyder on July 12th, 2017 Did you know that the federal government is going to spend more than 4 trillion dollars this year?  To put that into perspective, U.S. GDP for the entire year of 2017 is going to be somewhere between 18 and 19 trillion dollars.  So when you are talking […]

Anti Fracking Left Colluded With Russia, 1709