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Georgia Special Election – Handel Jumps To 5.2 Point Lead With 66% Of Votes Counted / by Tyler Durden / Jun 20, 2017  8:00 PM Update 8 (9:40 EST): Handel has now pulled away to a 5.2% lead with roughly 66% of the vote counted. Seems that, just like with Hillary, outspending your opponent by 7-to-1 doesn’t really help that much…oops. Meanwhile, the Georgia puppetmaster is calmly enjoying the rewards of his […]

NFLX Enters ‘Correction’ As FANGs Take Out Monday Crash Lows

FANG Stocks just took out Friday/Monday's crash lows to the lowest since April 28th as NFLX leads the collapse.   The no-brainer is down 12% from its record highs last week, officially entering correction… FANGs are down 8% from their highs… This is the biggest drop since the election.

U.S. Weeks Away From A Recession According To Latest Loan Data

While many “conventional” indicators of US economic vibrancy and strength have lost their informational and predictive value over the past decade (GDP fluctuates erratically especially in Q1, employment is the lowest this century yet real wage growth is non-existent, inflation remains under the Fed’s target despite its $4.5 trillion balance sheet and so on), one […]

Rates Continue To Defy “Wall Street Logic” / by Lance Roberts via / Jun 8, 2017 12:47 PM The “Bond Bears” just can’t seem to catch a break.  Beginning in mid-2013, there have been numerous calls the 30-year bond bull market was dead. The reasoning was simplistic enough – economic growth was set to return pushing inflation, and ultimately interest rates, higher. Unfortunately, as […]

Doug Casey on Universal Basic Income / June 03, 2017 Justin’s note: It’s time for a universal basic income (UBI). At least, that’s what Mark Zuckerberg thinks. Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of social media giant Facebook. Last week, he spoke in favor of a universal basic income while delivering the commencement speech at Harvard’s graduation ceremony. According to Zuckerberg, […]

Tucker Carlson & Mark Stein on Clinton’s Excuses, 1658

Special Prosecutor For Seth Rich Murder?, 1647

Fed Fail? Traders Cut Rate-Hike Bets By The Most In History Last Week

The last two weeks have seen speculators cover over $710 billion worth of Fed rate-hike bets – the biggest move in Eurodollar futures history as Trump concerns and Fed Minutes reignite lost faith in the ebullient future that sparked the creation of a record $3 trillion bet that The Fed will be right this time. […]

Connecticut Credit Risk Soars To Record High As Tax Receipts Tumble

Connecticut’s general-obligation bonds are riskier than ever as plummeting income-tax collections and a $2.3 billion budget deficit moved all three credit rating companies to downgrade its debt.   As Bloomberg details, tax receipts for the current fiscal year ending in June will be about $451 million short of estimates from January, prompting Governor Dannel Malloy to empty the state’s already small […]

Bitcoin Blows Through $2100

Bitcoin is now up over 135% year-to-date, having screamed above $2000 and $2100 overnight as the dollar limped to 6-month lows… Having shrugged off China crackdowns and worries over ‘hard forks’, it appears the legalization of the virtual currency in Japan (with Peach Aviation now accepting bitcoin for flight ticket purchases) and broader adoption in […]