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Democrats Prepare Hearings on “Rightwing Extremism”

This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire Prior to the 2018 midterm election, I speculated a Democrat-controlled House would result in hearings targeting “hate groups,” that is to say anybody on the “right” who challenges official narratives, otherwise known as “conspiracy theories.”  “Rep. Bennie Thompson, an African American […]

Signs Of The Times? A Plague Of Locusts Hits Mecca And Earth’s Magnetic Pole Is Experiencing A “Sudden Shift”

Really strange things are starting to happen all over the world.  We’ll talk about “the North Pole’s sudden shift” later in this article, but first I want to focus on the very unusual event which just took place in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  A “massive swarm” of thousands upon thousands of black locusts descended upon the […]

A Wall Street Felon and High Frequency Traders Announce Plan to Form Stock Exchange

A Wall Street Felon and High Frequency Traders Announce Plan to Form Stock Exchange By Pam Martens: January 9, 2019 ~ A group of nine financial firms, including an admitted felon and two high-frequency trading powerhouses, announced this week that they plan to open a national stock exchange to compete head on with the New York […]

Vampire Science Believes “YOUNG BLOOD” Is the REAL Fountain of Youth

This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper A clinical trial called “Ambrosia” seeks to discover the long-sought Fountain of Youth – and some scientists believe they’ve found it in the blood of young people. Unlike most clinical trials, people actually paid to participate instead of the other way around. Patients […]

A Surprise Announcement Has Just Unleashed Another Wave Of Panic On Wall Street

Well, that sure didn’t take long.  Many had been hoping that 2019 would be a calmer year for Wall Street, but so far that has not materialized.  In fact, a surprise announcement by Apple has just sparked another wave of panic selling on Wall Street.  In a letter to shareholders, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted […]

This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse If a doctor tells you that his patient’s condition is swinging up and down wildly, is that a good sign or a bad sign?  Of course the answer to that question is quite obvious.  And if a doctor tells you that his patient’s […]

Personal Finance: One of The Best Things I Can Tell You

One of the best things I can tell you is do not have a… READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS   Jim Rogers is a legendary investor that co-founded the Quantum Fund and retired at age thirty-seven. He is the author of several books and also a financial commentator […]

TFMR Podcast – Monday, December 24

With TF It was another brutal day for the stockroaches and now they face a mid-week holiday full of angst in expectation of what might happen come Wednesday. And here’s a fun stat for your family and friends at your Christmas dinner….Yes, gold is still down 2.8% on the year. However, the S&P is now […]

George Washington’s Dream Realized: Cannabis Is Now Legal To Grow All Across America: “Expected To Open New Opportunities In Agriculture, Medicine and Biofuel”

Back in the day George Washington had an entire farm field dedicated to the growth of hemp. He loved the bud and in 1794 he even wrote a letter to Secretary of Finance William Pearce in which he marveled at its benefits, saying to Pearce, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, . . […]

Black Friday Has Brick-and-Mortar Stores Seeing Red

Legacy brick-and-mortar retailers have found themselves falling behind this Thanksgiving season as the Black Friday “holiday” moves closer to becoming an online exclusive event. And as more Black Friday business gravitates towards online shopping, traditional retailers are still learning the ropes of how to take legacy models and move them online – despite posturing from […]