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Privacy Violation Alert: Google ADMITS To Changing Phone Settings REMOTELY

Google has apologized after admitting to changing the settings on Android users phones remotely and without the phone owners’ permission.  Several Android users noticed their battery saver setting had been activated last week without their consent. Most of the affected posters on Reddit described having a Google Pixel device.  Other brands of Android devices were […]

ECB Preview: Taper On Autopilot As Growth Is Downgraded

Unanimous expectations for tomorrow’s ECB policy decision – due at 7:45AM ET with a press conference at 8:30AM ET – is for the central bank to leave its three key rates and tapering schedule unchanged, while macroeconomic projections are set to see a minor downgrade to growth forecasts. During the presser, Draghi is set to […]

Ken Rogoff Exposes The Regional Costs Of Venezuela’s Collapse

Authored by Ken Rogoff via Project Syndicate, The refugee crisis generated by the country’s economic implosion is comparable to that in Europe in 2015. In response, US President Donald Trump has floated the idea of military intervention, when what the US should be doing is increasing financial and logistical aid to Venezuela’s neighbors. As Venezuela’s […]

Rich Couple Sets Up GoFundMe For Homeless Man, Won’t Give Him $200K After Kicking Off Property

A wealthy New Jersey couple who famously “rescued” homeless man Johnny Bobbitt last October has refused to give him roughly $200,000 of a $402,000 GoFundMe account they established after their story went viral. After breaking several promises and sparingly doling out contributions from over 14,000 people, Bobbitt says the couple likely squandered the rest of the money on lavish […]

ZeroHedge: Meet China’s “Secret” Space Control Listening Base In Argentina Now Alarming US Officials

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. A recent New York Times piece has sounded the alarm over what Washington perceives as China’s “expanding reach into Latin America,” related to a space mission control center located in the heart of the Patagonia region of Argentina.    It begins with an eerily beautiful description of […]

Nearly 40 Million Americans Are Still On Food Stamps

If the U.S. economy is “doing well”, then why are almost 40 million Americans still on food stamps?  That number is almost exactly where it was at the end of the last recession, and supposedly we have made so much progress since that time.  Of course any progress that has been made has been extremely […]

New Venomous Snake Discovered Is Already At Risk For Extinction

A team of biologists happened to stumble across a new venomous snake while on a mission to research sea snakes. But the scary new snake they discovered just happens to already be at risk for extinction. The new snake was found in Australia by a research team of biologists which is led by University of […]

Fed Sees “Elevated Valuation Pressures”, Will Continue “Gradual” Rate Hikes

Moments ago the Fed released its semi-annual Monetary Policy Report which forms the basis of Janet Yellen’s testimony to Congress next week, and while it does not traditionally discuss monetary policy it does provide a snapshot of the Fed’s take of the economy and capital markets at any given moment. Here are some of the […]

Mapping Where The Most Refugees Live

With populist movements currently resurgent across Europe, refugees remain the single most discussed topic in the Union’s political discourse. However,  as Statista’s Patrick Wagner notes, countries with the most prominent xenophobic political movements do not tend to host the largest share of asylum seekers. You will find more infographics at Statista Our chart shows that even though […]

Global Stocks Lost Over $10 Trillion In H1, Just Wait For The Second Half

The Second Half can’t be any worse that the first, right?   H1 2018 was ugly for most… WORST Bitcoin Worst Start To A Year Ever German Banks At Lowest Since 1988 Onshore Yuan Worst Quarter Since 1994 Argentine Peso Worst Start To A Year Since 2002 US Financial Conditions Tightened The Most To Start […]