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In the US, What would a REAL 2012 Electoral Platform Look Like?

I took a look at the Republican and Democratic Word Clouds. One cloud is the taxes are bad, and so is Obama. The other platform is a dartboard designed to gather constituents by pandering to everything and anything. Neither platform is “real” thus or election is between zero and none, no choice at all. I […]

Our Lock Down to Disaster (Lockdown USA, Europe, Japan)

Part of a series at JC Mac was kind enough to ask a few questions of me, Warren Edward Pollock, about the breakdown crisis now underway, specifically why we are now in lockdown to disaster.

Killingry in Colorado via Batman, Ramifications, and the Future

I talk briefly about increases in the technology of killingry because it has implications for us in the future. “For Fuller, livingry is juxtaposed to weaponry and killingry and means that which is in support of all human, plant, and Earth life.”

Warren Pollock – Je me Souviens & the US Moving Towards a "Failed Nation State"?

Kickstarter Fundraiser Je me Souviens does not translate very well to English, but I think we need to understand the meaning very well. The people of Quebec got something very right.. I want to support them all I can. The quiet revolution was from the bottom up.. I provide some perceptions about Quebec that […]

WAR on The American People 2/2

The WAR on the American people has started. Urban Warfare Drills taking place nationwide has me just a little freaked out. Thanks for watching and subscribe for weekly updates.

WAR on The American People 1/2

Tanks rolling down the street in St. Louis is the latest example of urban warfare drills breaking out across America. In San Diego the Pentagon as built a mock American City made up of 1,560 buildings for troops and special forces to train. Why is the system doing this? And what if anything does this […]

From Sycamores to Cedars – Status of The Great Reset

Our current location now well into the early stages of “The Great Reset.” For every battle of the warrior is with confused noise, and garments rolled in blood. The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars. wpollock has written […]

Bulldogging the Feckless

I am in 110% Bulldog Mode Today. Denial runs deep even when the facts are right in front of your eyes… Do not give money to the Republicans, Do not give money to the Democrats, Do not give money at the Local Level, Do not give money to the State Level, Do not give money […]

Failing Empires are Paper Tigers with Synergetics – Part 2/3

How to back out of corporate controlled media using “synergetics.” I use trajectory, systems, structure to determine total system behavior. Very few people are using synergetics which is a shame because it provides total clarity versus subjective methods of classic economic theory. Artifacts, Developments in technology due to the mechanism of war.

Our United States and Wisdom is One

On a quick and personal basis I highlight the meaning behind three books in my library that were passed on to me by family members. The first book is called "Wisdom is One" which contains memorable quotations spanning ideas and philosophies. I will open unto you, whose heart rejects not the most profound knowledge the deepest mystery. Krisna Bhagavad Gita. Speak not in the ears of a for: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words. Proverbs. I go on to talk about a family prayer book from my great grandfather Karl Berliner from 1890.. I finish off with a book called "Our United States" given to my mother as a gift from her teacher in 1947 when she was ten years old in the 6th grade. The irony being that her book would find parallel in a high school honors history book.

(I look at a picture of an invasion plan and mistake it for the "Berlin Airlift, then I remembered that the Airlift was in 1948 and therefore could not be in the book so I read a passage. I can remember detailed things deep in my childhood but I don’t have an eidetic memory thankfully.)