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The Divergence Between ‘Hard’ & ‘Soft’ Data Explained (And Republican Bulls Won’t Like It)

Another dataset, another head-scratching disparity between ostensibly fulsome confidence and evidently sluggish activity.  While markets get whipsawed reacting to divergent hard and soft data points, the question that traders need to ask is whether this gap makes any sense. Bloomberg's Macro Strategist Cameron Crise may have the answer… If you're willing to believe that survey […]

US Population Grows At Slowest Pace Since The Great Depression; Residents Flee Illinois Again

According to data released by the US Census, in 2016 the U.S. population grew at the lowest rate since the Great Depression, while the state of New York shrank for the first time in a decade. The biggest loser, again, was Illinois which shrank for a third consecutive year, losing 38,000 people, mostly from the […]

“Rigged… Not A Real Market” – What Market Pros (And Jim Cramer) Think About The Market

Originally posted at Themis Trading, Sometimes it’s nice to get a sanity check and hear other investors and market professionals views on how the stock market has changed over the past few years.  We hear more and more from various market participants that the market seems to be one big correlated beast that doesn’t trade on […]

It’s Simply Unfair What Is Happening To Fair Isaac’s Shareholders…

Several months ago I posted a mail from a reader’s rant on FICO (see Fair  Isaac May Get Treated Unfairly When…), along with our own take on the on the situation (subscribers see FICO Note, click here to subscribe). Here’s an excerpt from the said reader’s take:  Short FICO. This company engineered a stock-back program in Nov […]

Fair Isaac May Get Treated Unfairly When The Newest Credit Bubble Bursts

In continuing my rant on the state of the US consumer, I present to you this email I received from a reader… Short FICO. This company engineered a stock-back program in Nov 2011. The Stock buy-back was equivalent to 20% of its market cap at the time. The three executives left the company and cash […]

Market Manipulation in the Financial Crisis?

The Trader has covered many of the market microstructure questions over the past months,  that should concern many more. Majority of investors, managers, traders and others have not adapted to the “new” market, nor have …