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Be Careful What You Wish For, Police Body-Cam Edition

Authored by John Rubino via, After the recent deluge of videos showing police abusing and sometimes flat-out murdering more-or-less innocent citizens, the willingness of a growing number of cities to equip officers with video cameras has been hailed as a victory by civil libertarians. But what if those cameras also extend the surveillance network […]

2016 Greatest Hits: Presenting The Most Popular Articles Of The Past Year

One year ago, when looking at the 20 most popular stories of 2015, we admitted that it was difficult to find a coherent theme of the key events that shook the world, and which you, our readers, found most interesting and notable: 2015 was year in which class warfare in the US approached unprecedented levels […]

By the Numbers: US Police Kill More in Days Than Other Countries do in Years / By Jamiles Lartey via The Guardian / July 11, 2015 The Guardian has built the most comprehensive database of US police killing ever published. Compare our findings to those from the UK, Australia, Iceland and beyond It’s rather difficult to compare data from different time periods, according to different methodologies, across different parts of the world, and […]

TDV WEEK IN REVIEW MAY 19, 2013 / May 19, 2013 I usually use this space to examine some reason you readers should get on the New Underground Railroad to get out of the US police state plantation. But occasionally I just need to talk about some blatant idiocy that I came across during the last few days. Sometimes I just […]

‘Anaheim police brutality systematic, goes on for generations’

Protesters in California are demanding an investigation into police over a spate of shootings by officers in which two people died over a week ago. Demonstrators took to the streets for the ninth consecutive day, and want the state’s top attorney to examine the incidents involving the Anaheim Police Department. At least 9 protestors were […]

US wants world police after blowing millions on MidEast ‘occupation’

Fresh report says that over $200 million spent by Washington to train Iraqi police have gone to waste. The US is now preparing to send hundreds of its own police across the world to help locals handle security. John Glaser from believes the plan is more about control and enrichment, than regional stability. Afghanistan […]