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Chinese Stocks Plummet: Shanghai Tumbles Most In 17 Months As Bond Rout Spreads / by Tyler Durden / Nov 23, 2017 The euphoria from the year-end melt up in Europe and the US failed to inspire Chinese traders, and overnight China markets suffered sharp losses, with the Shanghai Composite plunging 2.3%, its biggest one day drop since June 2016, over growing fears that the local bond rout is getting […]

Here We Go Again—Swell Numbers Which Aren’t / By David Stockman / November 17th, 2017 According to the financial press we have had some swell economic numbers in the last two days—so it’s giddy-up-and-go time for the stock market again. Thursday’s industrial production number was allegedly gangbusters and today’s housing start figure for October was described as a “boom” by the incorrigible headline writers at MarketWatch: The […]

Bombshell Report Confirms US Coalition Struck A Deal With ISIS / by Tyler Durden / Nov 14, 2017  At a moment of widespread acknowledgement that the short-lived Islamic State is no longer a reality, and as ISIS is about to be defeated by the Syrian Army in its last urban holdout of Abu Kamal City in eastern Syria, the US is signalling an open-ended military presence in Syria.On Monday […]

How Broke Is The House Of Saud? / by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth blog / Nov 8, 2017 Trying to figure out what on earth is happening in the Middle East appears to have gotten a lot harder. Perhaps (because) it’s become more dangerous too. There are so many players, and connections between players, involved now that even making one of […]

NAFTA Worries Take Toll, Yellen’s Best Guess Supports Greenback / by Marc Chandler / October 17, 2017 (Greetings from San Francisco, where I will be speaking at a CFA seminar on currencies tomorrow.  The rebuilding from destruction of the of hurricanes in Texas and the Southeast  US have already begun and the distortion to US high frequency data is seen nearly every day.  Some data, like auto […]

US Increases Pressure on Iran and Hezbollah – To What End? / BY 21WIRE / OCTOBER 16, 2017  Elijah J. Magnier The US has raised the level of tension with Iran without taking any concrete steps to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal. The reason why Trump is expected to limit himself to verbal abuse and continue threatening hostile measures against Tehran without executing them is […]

Tillerson: US Diplomacy With North Korea Will Continue Until “The First Bomb Drops” / by Tyler Durden / Oct 15, 2017 Two weekends after Trump publicly snubbed and mocked Rex Tillerson’s attempts to achieve a diplomatic resolution with North Korea, when the president tweeted that “I told Rex Tillerson, our wonderful Secretary of State, that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man… Save your energy Rex, […]

Russiagate Is More Fiction Than Fact / by Aaron Mate via / Oct 7, 2017 From accusations of Trump campaign collusion to Russian Facebook ad buys, the media has substituted hype for evidence… *** In her new campaign memoir, What Happened, Hillary Clinton reveals that she has followed “every twist and turn of the story,” and “read everything I could get my hands […]

Who Was Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock And What Was His Motive / by Tyler Durden / Oct 2, 2017 While there are still relatively few details about the man responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in US history, or his motive to kill at least 50 people and injure over 400 people, here is what we know so far, courtesy of the Telegraph and other public data sources. The […]

Cyber-Criminals Abandon Bitcoin; Homeland Admits “It’s A Lot More Legitimate Than People Think” / by Tyler Durden / Aug 31, 2017 Regulators in the US, Europe and Asia who’ve sought to crack down on bitcoin – many of these regulators are also proponents of a “cashless society” – have been dealt a stunning setback by an unlikely defender of the pioneering digital currency: The US Department of Homeland Security. […]