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Going Down! US Treasury Slope Continues Flattening As Swap Spread Continues Increasing / by Anthony B Sanders / December 6, 2017 The US Treasury 10Y-2Y curve continues to go down (flatten). It has now hit 51.56 BPS. The USD Swap Spread 10Y keeps on rising. SOURCE The post Going Down! US Treasury Slope Continues Flattening As Swap Spread Continues Increasing appeared first on Silver For The People.

Cold Storage, Part Two: Storing Bitcoin Securely on Hardware Wallets / By Jason Hamlin / November 21st, 2017 In part one, we discussed one method of cold storage: paper wallets.  In this article, we will discuss hardware wallets. Paper wallets work just fine for long-term storage of coins, provided you create them in a secure manner.  The only real drawback, other than being a little more […]

Goldman Reveals Its Top Trade Recommendations For 2018 / by Tyler Durden / Nov 16, 2017 10:01 AM It’s that time of the year again when with just a few weeks left in the year, Goldman unveils its top trade recommendations for the year ahead. And while Goldman’s Top trades for 2016 was an abysmal disaster, with the bank getting stopped out with a loss […]

Silver Sign’s Confirmation & More / PRZEMYSŁAW RADOMSK / NOVEMBER 13, 2017 Briefly: In our opinion, full (150% of the regular full position) speculative short positions in gold, silver and mining stocks are justified from the risk/reward perspective at the moment of publishing this alert. In our previous free analysis we discussed the silver market viewed from the non-USD perspective and we […]

De-dollarization Not Now / by Wolf Richter / Oct 11, 2017  USD-denominated debt outside the US hits record – even junk bonds. China announced today that it would sell $2 billion in government bonds denominated in US dollars. The offering will be China’s largest dollar-bond sale ever. The last time China sold dollar-bonds was in 2004. Investors around the globe are […]

Asian Metals Market Update: October-03-2017 / By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants / 3 October 2017 Technically gold and silver are bearish and can fall further. Copper looks bearish. The Euro/usd will see another wave of sell off if it trades below 1.1682 today. The US dollar looks strong due to European woes. Lack of Chinese influence can be seen on industrial […]

The Demise of the Dollar: Don’t Hold Your Breath / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 So let’s look at currency flows, reserves and debt. De-dollarization is often equated with the demise of the dollar, but this reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the currency markets.The demise of the U.S. dollar has been a staple of the financial media for decades. The latest buzzword making the […]

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Same Day FX Wars? Dollar Tumbles After Mnuchin Says “Weaker Dollar Better”, Undoing Euro Losses / by Tyler Durden / Aug 31, 2017 12:06 PM The smell of currency war is rising in the air. Less than six hours after the ECB lobbed the first trial balloon of the day, when Reuters reported that ECB policymakers were “growing worried” about the recent rapid gains in the Euro, sending the EURUSD sharply, if […]

FX Week Ahead: Myopic Markets Hit USD On Inflation Miss / by Shant Movsesian and Rajan Dhall MSTA from / Aug 13, 2017 7:57 PM FX Week Ahead – Myopic markets hit USD on inflation ‘miss’ – rest of the major economies in focus ahead. Once again, sluggish inflation takes a hammer to currency and we saw the USD turn back from a tentative recovery, which many […]