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Global Elitists: Bitcoin’s ‘Intrinsic Value Must Be Zero’, Bubble About To Burst

Allianz Global Investors, the investment arm of Europe’s biggest insurer, employees economists who say Bitcoin is absolutely worthless, and a bubble that’s about to burst. Allianz Global, which manages almost 500 billion euro, says Bitcoin “ticks off all the boxes” for a major asset bubble. “In our view, its intrinsic value must be zero,” Stefan Hofrichter, the company’s […]

Peter Schiff: In The Impending Collapse ‘Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will’

The impending economic collapse is hidden from most. People only see a rising stock market, not the negative underlying factors that will cause the whole system to crash. The weakening of the U.S. dollar is just getting started, warned veteran market forecaster Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. “We have just begun a major, […]

Monetary Experiment Creating Mother Of All Crises: “Negative Rates Phenomenally Good for Gold and Silver”

It is the silver and gold lining of the dismal and imploding economy. The longer that central banks force negative interest rates – and wipe out the value of savings, pensions, and insurance accounts by denying them return on investment – the more attractive gold and other commodities become as a safe haven for maintaining […]

Germany’s Largest Bank Refuses “Deliveries of Physical Gold” After Customer Request

Every share in gold is supposed to represent a certain amount of physical gold in storage, and be available on demand. But that’s not what happened when a customer asked for their gold at Deutsche Bank, the largest German bank participating in the gold exchange; instead, the bank officially refused physical delivery of gold after […]

WealthCycles Video Report – March 2015

Hello and Welcome to a Special March Edition of the WealthCycles Video Report.  In this episode, Mike is joined by Andy Tanner, the stock market expert from the Rich Dad Poor Dad organization.  They discuss the state of the stock market and tactics you can use to produce profits even at the top of the […]

The Keynesian Myth of Deflation- Why the Fed Really Needs Inflation

The Truth Behind the Reason the Fed Needs Inflation Peggy Joseph got her 15 minutes of fame during the 2008 Presidential campaign when an interview she gave to a reporter went viral on the Internet.  In the interview Joseph professed her support for then Senator Barack Obama because she believed Obama was going to make it […]

Flagging Retail Forecasts Grim Future for Commercial Real Estate Market.

In the year 2000 the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF) started to collect the details, such as base rent, contingent income, reimbursement income and other income data needed to calculate the total income used in their commercial property price index. After this commercial property price index series was developed, the Real Estate Research […]

Price Reflects Individual Values

The difference between ordinal and cardinal numbers explains how being “free to choose”—to individually value a good or a service or a security—is translated into numerals, or price. Consumers offer cash, bidding for other assets both at lit markets and in more common day-to-day exchanges. (A lit market is one where orders are displayed on […]

Asian Silver Demand, State Legal Tender Laws Signal Move to Gold, Silver

In May of 2012 we wrote Shanghai Exchange Begins Physical Silver Delivery Shanghai Silver, and an update is due, as since then, now almost two years on, an immense demand has emerged on par with the famed Asian love for the yellow metal. As you can see in the chart below, silver deliveries out of […]

Who Benefits from ‘Moderate’ Inflation?

The fallacy that inflation is beneficial has gained great traction in recent years. The generation of working, saving U.S. taxpayers that lived through the runaway inflation of the 1970s came out of it convinced that inflation must be stomped out at all costs. But it turned out zero inflation wasn’t so great for the sectors […]