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SHTFplan: Prepper Candidate Appeals to “Americans Deeply Concerned About What Is Coming”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream website. Editor’s Comment: While we face forces that cannot be easily subdued, there is reason still to fight against the system and to stand up for what is right. At […]

33 Strange Facts About America That Most Americans Would Be Shocked To Learn

Did you know that about one-fourth of the entire global prison population is in the United States?  Did you know that Apple has more money than the U.S. Treasury?  Did you know that if you have no debt and also have 10 dollars in your wallet that you are wealthier than 25 percent of all […]

Austerity Isn’t Negative–It’s Essential to Good Planning and Decision-Making

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / Sunday, December 29, 2013 Austerity and crisis are not negative–they are the only dynamics that force smart thinking and the re-alignment of values, resources and strategic goals. Unsurprisingly, the status quo position on austerity […]

Warren Edward Pollock: Americans Anonymous

Americans Anonymous

Restore the Americas Moral Compass – That starts with you
Have Humility
Have Empathy
Have Objectivity
Treat others as you would yourself
Don’t think you and better than people worldwide
Don’t believe your country is the best in everything versus other people
Walk the Talk (America is land of free human rights high ground, that is)
Don’t Dwell on Conspiracies – Unproductive, Know that many facts are unknown
Don’t Mistake Entertainment with Information
Don’t focus on uncertainty and be paralyzed by it
Don’t be separate from other people – both here and abroad
Don’t accept wrongs and lies from politicians and corporations
Don’t let suffering be done in your name
Have Faith
Don’t sacrifice your children
Realize money and power is not the same as wealth or happiness
Find both in the home and through other people
Accept Blame – You own all the problems and those problems bigger than yours
Take Responsibility – Financial Fraud, Our Elected Officials
Know that YOu can make a difference by adjusting the things that you do

"It is not merely unwise, it is contemptible, for a nation, as for an individual, to use high-sounding language to proclaim its purposes, or to take positions which are ridiculous if unsupported"