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Money-Losing Uber Says It “Mistakenly” Underpaid NYC Drivers

After recently promising to take steps to boost drivers’ wages, Uber Inc. has admitted that, over the last two-and-a-half years, it “mistakenly” underpaid drivers in New York City. The company claims it came forward voluntarily after discovering the issue, which, considering how the company has seemingly bounced from one PR crisis to the next, is […]

Solar-Energy Company Sunrun Lied To Investors To Boost Its IPO Price

The largest solar-energy company in the U.S. has been called out by The Wall Street Journal for manipulating a key sales metric shortly to try and boost the company's share price ahead of its IPO. In a report published Monday, WSJ got the jump on investigators at the SEC, who had announced their own investigation […]

“Everybody’s Freaked” – Washington Nuclear Facility Admits Second Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated

Just under two weeks since the emergency at the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington state (following a tunnel collapse), NBC's local affiliate King5 reports Hanford’s owner, The U.S. Department of Energy, is scrambling to deal with a second emergency – signs have emerged that a massive underground double shell nuclear waste holding tank may be […]

Presenting 100 Years Of Geopolitical Risk

While we can track policy uncertainty (and its decoupling from global market risk perceptions)…   And we can follow the relative level of "crisis" and the market's complacency of it (risk perceptions collapsing as "crisis" explodes)…   Geopolitical tensions, which take many different forms, are however difficult to measure. One proxy for assessing the geopolitical […]

WSJ Urges Trump To Keep His Mouth Shut

Authored Op-Ed via The Wall Street Journal, The state of the Trump Presidency has been perpetual turbulence, which seems to be how the principal likes it. The latest vortex is over Mr. Trump’s disclosure of sensitive intel to the Russians—and whatever the particulars of the incident, the danger is that Presidencies can withstand only so […]

Great News For College Grads: Starting Salaries Are Finally Back To Where They Were 10 Years Ago!

The Wall Street Journal and others are cheering today as a new study from executive search firm Korn Ferry International found that the “average base pay for college grads this year ticked to the highest level in at least a decade.”  We guess in the new millennial world that getting back to your original starting […]

Trump Named As “Risk Factor” In Company Filings 3x More Than Obama

According to the research firm Sentieo, which spent hours and hours of time scouring the “Risk Factor” sections of 10-Ks and 10-Qs, Trump has been about 3x more likely to be cited by a publicly traded company in the U.S. as a “Risk Factor” in his first 100 days in office than was Obama.  Courtesy […]

Russia’s Lavrov Trolls The US: “Was Comey Fired? You’re Kidding”

Update: Lavrov reacts to the Comey firing news… Shaking his head, he chirped sarcastically “Was he fired? Was he fired? You are kidding?!” Lavrov reacts to the Comey firing news. “Was he fired? Was he fired? You are kidding?!” (Shakes head.) #ComeyFiring #russiagate #Tillerson — Barry Stock (@BusStationDrift) May 10, 2017 In what will […]

Shake Shack Confirms Worst ‘Minimum-Wage-Hike’ Fears – “It’s Going Up Too Fast… We Can’t Catch Our Breath”

As we detailed earlier, Shake-Shack shares crashed to record lows after the fast-food restaurant as increased labor costs (thanks to Obama's minimum-wage-hikes) crushed margins and caused menu price hikes that slowed demand… Shack-level operating profit margins decreased 300 basis points to 25.2%, primarily due to increased labor and related expenses resulting from increases in hourly […]

The Real Reasons Why Trump Has Flipped On His Campaign Promises

Authored by Brandon Smith via, Back in December of 2016 I wrote an article titled Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him, which I think was very difficult for a large part of the liberty movement to read and accept. In that article I outlined the future of the Trump presidency; a future […]