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Soros Defeated After Attempting To Rig Hungarian Election And Spending MILLIONS

George Soros has suffered a rather humiliating defeat after pumping millions of dollars into a Hungarian election he attempted to buy. Soros, who was born in Hungary and desperately wanted a hardened fascist to win the election, is now out millions of dollars as Viktor Orbán won with a whopping 70% of the vote. Viktor Orbán is […]

This Border Wall Reduced Illegal Immigration By Over 99%

There is a border wall in existence that reduced illegal immigration by over 99%. Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary put up a double fence along the border of his country with Serbia, and the results were staggering. This tweet sums up the statistical data behind the wall and reduction in illegal immigration. However, […]

“Not Going To Risk A Shutdown Over Anything”: Democrats Get Trump And GOP to Abandon Border Wall

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at the Economic Collapse Blog. Editor’s Comment: It all boils down to politics; there’s the politics of the campaign, and then there’s the real politics of Washington deal making and budgets. Who knows if there will ever be a border wall, or if a better […]

Hispanic-Owned Businesses Dominate Bids For Trump’s ‘Xenophobic’ Border Wall

Trump’s proposed border wall has been described by many of the left as everything from “xenophobic” to just plain “racist” and pretty much everything in between.  That said, perhaps “equal opportunity employer” would be more accurate in light of a new analysis from the Wall Street Journal that took a look at who has submitted […]

Trump Demands Mexico Deal With Cartels: “Take Care of Bad Hombres” Or U.S. Troops Will

One thing is for certain, a new sheriff is in town. Well, the phrase is underwhelming given the enormous power now (unduly) vested in the executive branch. But President Trump’s stylings as an international negotiator and commander-in-chief harken back to a simpler and more brazen day from the Old West, and he isn’t just shaking […]

Mexican Official Threatens to Combat President Trump By “Unleashing Drug Cartels”

There will be war in the streets, or at least there could be. The strong armed tactics against Mexico are not making officials happy south of the border. Now, with an executive order facilitating the deportation of illegal immigrants – and especially those who have committed criminal offenses – as well as building a wall […]

‘Obama puts off Iran invasion until November’

RT speaks to an author and scholar at a major Washington think-tank Andrew Levine. He exposes the pitfalls of the American electoral system and Barack Obama’s four-year-term in the White House. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia […]

Rant of the "Telephone Game" w Chronology of Alleged Plagiarism

Update Aug 22: More than a week after my original interview with Ann Barnhardt – Alex Jones now reports, as “news,” what he found (third or forth hand) on, regarding the Sentinel Ruling. An accreditation to Ann Barnhardt survived the cut. With rare exception, the analysis, interviews, forecasts, and commentary produced on my channel […]

Our Fearful Leaders & The Citizenship Test

JC Gets a call from a government specter as he is beaten down into submission. In the US we have mor than 80,000 governments! Do what ever you can to get us to an equal position with our leadership. A talk with JC Mac on the current leadership culture. Everyone Leads Link for more from […]

‘US political system hostile to Americans’

The money-ruled American political system has a pretty straight-ahead Wall Street agenda and is designed to eliminate opposition the way dictatorships do, Jill Stein, the US presidential candidate for the Green Party, shared with RT – READ FULL SCRIPT RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on […]