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Rant of the "Telephone Game" w Chronology of Alleged Plagiarism

Update Aug 22: More than a week after my original interview with Ann Barnhardt – Alex Jones now reports, as “news,” what he found (third or forth hand) on, regarding the Sentinel Ruling. An accreditation to Ann Barnhardt survived the cut. With rare exception, the analysis, interviews, forecasts, and commentary produced on my channel […]

In the US, What would a REAL 2012 Electoral Platform Look Like?

I took a look at the Republican and Democratic Word Clouds. One cloud is the taxes are bad, and so is Obama. The other platform is a dartboard designed to gather constituents by pandering to everything and anything. Neither platform is “real” thus or election is between zero and none, no choice at all. I […]

Facebook and the Arrest of B. J. Raub, Who is Delusional

My anti-Facebook presentation in May of this year was repulsive to most viewers. The short-on-fact skinny is that Raub is a victim having been swept away for pre-crime. I see delusional thinking in his Internet postings. I am sure, this presentation will be repulsive to those stewing in ignorance of self-delusion because they have/cannot think […]

Our Fearful Leaders & The Citizenship Test

JC Gets a call from a government specter as he is beaten down into submission. In the US we have mor than 80,000 governments! Do what ever you can to get us to an equal position with our leadership. A talk with JC Mac on the current leadership culture. Everyone Leads Link for more from […]

Criminalizing Dissent-Homeland Battlefield Bill (w Commentary on Chris Hedges Quote)

The major 2012 election issue that will be avoided in total by both Republican, Democrat, and “consumer” alike.. “The charade of junk politics is there not to offer a choice but to divert the crowd while our corporate masters move relentlessly forward, unimpeded by either party, to turn all dissent into a crime..” Hedges Christopher […]

Lost in the Snowstorm of Structural Crisis, be a Trimtab

You and I are part of a system, The very cultural context that has caused us to walk in the wrong direction for very long, a direction that shirks personal responsibility and accountability. What to think about Old and New Context The leadership does not take responsibility and that is clear, the leadership […]

Ann Barnhardt – A Matter of Record

Ann Barnhardt and I (Warren Pollock) talk about the most important issues of today including the property rights, collateral, the lack of safety in savings and retirement plans, and the 2012 election. We discuss the Sentinel Bankruptcy as a test case for violating key safeguards to any and all of your financial instruments within the […]

The Next War (They Are Going to Lock You Down)

–Talking Points — More at –Key Follow On Video Links Below Oil Just in Time For the Next Global War Some Early Events of the Next Global War Stockpiles for War Cheap and Expensive Technology Collateral Damage on the “Homeland” Axis and Allies in the New Geopolitical Pairings The Lockdown of Science The Lockdown […]

Warren Pollock – Forecast Disaster 2016, "Extinction" of Earth, Inc

Part of a series at This presentation explains (and forecasts) near term future events based on a mutually exclusive dichotomy of possibilities explained in a short work by R Buckminster Fuller circa 1947 entitled “Earth, Inc.” 1) The world “can transition from an overall remedial to a preventive pathology.” 2. Paraphrase – War represents […]

Our Lock Down to Disaster (Lockdown USA, Europe, Japan)

Part of a series at JC Mac was kind enough to ask a few questions of me, Warren Edward Pollock, about the breakdown crisis now underway, specifically why we are now in lockdown to disaster.