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The Phantom of Hyperinflation – James Turk

Buy silver and prepare for hyperinflation.

APMEX for the holidays

Apmex is offering some holiday discounts on Gold and Silver. They have a great selection for gift ideas during the holidays. They have Holiday Silver rounds and just started the 12 days of Christmas promotion. If you are looking to buy holiday metals for loved ones, APMEX has a lot of gift ideas. Every day, […]

Liberty Conservative Investments ( review

I recently placed a bullion order from I was contacted by Ben Seifipour claiming he could beat APMEX prices by a dollar on a Silver American Eagles. I was apprehensive at best. But interested in saving some dollars on silver, I decided to do a little research. They are based in Lewisville, Texas and […]

Why Silver and not Gold?

I have been asked this question a few times and asked myself the same question too.  What is so special about Silver?  Many analysts have reasons for and against and I suggest you do research for yourself in order to come to a conclusion that satisfies you but I will give you why I am […]