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Another Woman Accused Conyers Of Sexual Harrassment

Update: In a lawsuit unearthed by Buzzfeed, a second woman accused Conyers of sexual harassment, but later abandoned efforts to hold him accountable. According to Buzzfeed, a former scheduler for the Democrat said she faced daily harassment from the congressman in a suit she later dropped after a court denied her request to keep it […]

Obama Administration Makes Secret Deal With Mexico To Help Illegal Immigrants In The Workplace / By Michael Snyder / August 19th, 2013 Instead of making sure that U.S. employers are not hiring illegal immigrants, the Obama administration has actually signed a secret deal with Mexico to protect “the rights” of illegal immigrants in the workplace.  According to this “memorandum of understanding”, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will spend […]

The Jobs of Tomorrow / By Brianna Panzica / Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 Recent college grads are still entering a shaky job market even as the economy continues to recover. And though there’s always been parental encouragement behind degree and job selection, that may be even stronger now that the selection of jobs is even more limited. But what parents […]

The Hidden Cost of the “New Economy”: New-Type Depression / by Charles Hugh Smith / Wednesday, October 17, 2012 Two decades of economic stagnation and rising insecurity have unleashed work-based “new-type depression” in Japan.  Today I continue to explore the theme that Japan’s two decades of economic stagnation may offer guidelines for what lies ahead “for the rest of us” as the global […]