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European Stocks, Futures Rebound As Stronger Dollar Eases Haven Demand

European stocks rebounded after the biggest one-day drop since November, alongside S&P futures, while Asian equities posted modest declines after yesterday’s weak US close. Gold and yen slid, while the dollar gained on the latest Mnuchin comments to the FT according to which Trump was “absolutely not” trying to talk down the dollar. European equities […]

We’re All Yen Traders Now

Authored by Kevin Muir via The Macro Tourist blog, Today’s post will have no answers. I am not sure anyone truly understands the strange day to day squiggles of the increasingly intertwined global financial system, but I wanted to highlight a relationship that cannot simply be monkeys typing Shakespeare. Let’s start with the market developments […]

Gold Surges, USDJPY, Yields Slide As Markets Finally Respond To Latest Set Of Economic, Geopolitical Shocks

With markets shut on Good Friday, even as the one-two knockout punch of the worst monthly core CPI print in 7 years hit… … coupled with a miss in March retail sales, which suffered their biggest two month drop in 2 years…   … on Sunday night traders were desperate to catch up, or rather […]

Immigrants Flood Into Japan At A Record Pace

Japan’s demographic “time-bomb” has been widely documented in recent years: as we discussed most recently in February, as troubling as Japan’s deflationary economic quagmire is, the biggest threat facing Japan has little to do with its balance sheet and everything to do with its demographics, for the simple reason that not only is Japan’s population […]

Trump and FX: What did He Say? / by Marc Chandler / April 13, 2017 US interest rates and the yen seemed to stabilize before US President Trump’s Wall Street Journal interview was released. For the first time in months, Trump used the bully pulpit to push the dollar down. The real broad trade-weighted dollar rose in seven of the last eight months […]

Traders “Swoop” On Stocks, Oil Rises For 8th Day But Bonds Still Don’t Buy It

S&P futures are unchanged and Asian stocks closed mixed, however European stocks rebounded for first time this week, led by auto stocks after Daimler’s quarterly profit, as a break in alarming political news prompted traders to “swoop” – as Reuters puts it – on equities, cooling a safe-haven rally that saw the yen and gold […]

Gold and Silver Market Morning: April 11 2017 – Gold firm below resistance $! / Julian D.W. Phillips  / 11 April 2017 Gold Today –New York closed at $1,254.30 yesterday after closing at$1,254.60 Friday. London opened at $1,256.30 today.  Overall the dollar was stronger against global currencies early today. Before London’s opening: –         The $: € was stronger at $1.0608 after Friday’s $1.0638: €1. –         The Dollar index was stronger at 100.90 after Friday’s 100.71. –         The Yen was almost unchanged […]

US Futures Rebound Sharply, Erase All Syrian Airstrike Losses

After initially tumbling in the aftermath of the U.S. missile attack on Syria which jolted financial markets, boosting haven assets and temporarily shifting investor focus from today’s jobs data , S&P futures have managed to recoup all losses (the Nikkei closed up 0.4% after sliding earlier in the session), with Europe also just fractionally lower […]

Gold and Silver Market Morning: April 3 2017 – Gold consolidating at resistance/support! / Julian D.W. Phillips  / 3 April 2017 Gold Today –New York closed at $$1,247.30 Friday. London openedat $1,246.20 today.  Overall the dollar was stronger against global currencies early today. Before London’s opening: –         The $: € was at $1.0670: €1. –         The Dollar index was at 100.48. –         The Yen was at 111.34:$1 against the dollar. –         The Yuan was at 6.8836: $1. –         The Pound Sterling was at $1.2508: £1. Yuan Gold […]

The Best And Worst Performing Assets Of The First Quarter

Welcome to a new financial quarter. As part of the usual review of last month and Q1 asset performance, it is worth nothing one surprising element of Q1 we showed over the weekend, namely that the VIX index had its lowest average quarter since Q4 2006. According to Jim Reid, who is perplex by this […]