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Bitcoin Blows Through $4000 As Asian Demand Soars

While many of the largest cryptocurrencies are fading modestly this morning, Bitcoin is holding on to dramatic agains which saw the largest virtual currency spike to as high as $4190 as Yen, Yuan, and Won trading activity dominated volumes. Bitcoin Cash remains in 4th place overall by market cap but Bitcoin is the only currency […]

The Secret History Of The Banking Crisis

Authored by Adam Tooze via, Accounts of the financial crisis leave out the story of the secretive deals between banks that kept the show on the road. How long can the system be propped up for? It is a decade since the first tremors of what would become the Great Financial Crisis began to […]

Gold Market Morning: August-9-2017: Gold and silver about to break out? / Julian D.W. Phillips  / 9 August 2017 Gold Today –New York closed yesterday at $1,262.60. Londonopened at $1,265.00 today.  Overall the dollar was stronger against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening: –         The $: € was stronger at $1.1760 after the yesterday’s $1.1804: €1. –         The Dollar index was stronger at 93.61 after yesterday’s 93.36. –         The Yen was stronger at 109.75 after yesterday’s 110.58:$1. –         The Yuan was much stronger at 6.6782 after yesterday’s6.7059: $1. –         The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.3005 after yesterday’s $1.3035: £1 Yuan Gold Fix New York closed $2.80 higher than Shanghai’s close yesterday. Today, we are seeing the dollar stronger overall […]

Global Stocks Hit Another Record High, Ignore Slowing Chinese Trade

Following a sleepy overnight session, US futures are flat as are markets in Europe, while Asian stocks rose despite overnight trade data from China which unexpectedly missed across the board. As reported last night, Chinese export growth was the slowest since February while Import growth the weakest since Dec 2016, as both missed consensus estimtes. […]

Dumb – And Dumber – Money Keeps Pouring In

Authored by John Rubino via, Someday, stock, bond and real estate valuations will matter again. And the mechanism by which this return to sanity is achieved will probably be the torrent of money now flowing in from people who, for various reasons, don’t care about (or understand) the prices they’re paying. Millennials, for instance, […]

Gold Market Morning: August-4-2017 / Julian D.W. Phillips / 4 August 2017 Overall the dollar was weaker against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening: –         The $: € was weaker at $1.1881 after the yesterday’s $1.1849: €1. –         The Dollar index was weaker at 92.74 after yesterday’s 92.92. –         The Yen was stronger at 110.02 after yesterday’s 110.66:$1. –         The Yuan was stronger at 6.7200 after yesterday’s 6.7237: $1. –         The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.3149 after yesterday’s $1.3232: £1 Yuan Gold Fix New York closed almost $11 higher than Shanghai’s close yesterday. But today, with the ongoing weakness in the dollar, the dollar gold price […]

Dow Set To Open Above 22,000 As Global Stocks Levitate Higher

Welcome to August: you may be surprised to learn that S&P 500 futures are once again levitating, higher by 0.3%, and tracking European and Asian markets. Asian equities traded higher across the board after China’s Caixin Manufacturing PMI beat expectations and printed its highest since March, refuting the decline in the official PMI data reported […]

Bitcoin Fork, Hyped ICOs – Immutable Gold and Silver

Bitcoin Fork, Hyped ICOs – Immutable Gold and Silver  – Latest developments show risks in crypto currencies– Confusion as bitcoin may split tomorrow– SEC stepped into express concern over ICOs– ICOs have so far raised $1.2 billion in 2017– ICOs preying on lack of understanding from investors– Physical gold not vulnerable to technological risk– Beauty and safety in […]

Gold Market Morning: July-28-2017 — heavy U.S. gold ETF sales turn to heavy buying! / 28 July 2017 Gold Today –New York closed yesterday at $1,260.00. London opened at $1,260.00 today.  Overall the dollar was stronger against global currencies, early today. Before London’s opening: –         The $: € was stronger at $1.1709 after the yesterday’s $1.1728: €1. –         The Dollar index was stronger at 93.71 after yesterday’s 93.50. –         The Yen was almost unchanged at 111.23 after yesterday’s 111.25:$1. –         The Yuan was weaker at 6.7415 after yesterday’s 6.7377: $1. –         The Pound Sterling was weaker at $1.3090 after yesterday’s $1.3138: £1. Yuan Gold Fix We cannot establish the price at which Shanghai was trading today. New York $3 lower than Shanghai yesterday, with […]

“It’s Not Good In The Long Run” Tokyo Exchange Chief Slams Kuroda’s “Constant Market Distortions”

When the chief of a country's biggest stock exchange is warning that the central bank is buying too many equities, then you know you have a problem. Japan Exchange Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Akira Kiyota has become the latest member of Japan’s financial establishment to publicly criticize the BOJ for its longrunning ETF buying […]