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ZeroHedge: What Is The Relationship Between The Political Left And Globalism?

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What Is The Relationship Between The Political Left And Globalism?

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

No one educated and sane likes the political left. This is not a shocking revelation. As I have been outlining for many years (but specifically in the past few years), leftists are the ONLY people in the country that consistently support draconian government policies and oppressive corporate monopoly.

They are the only people that support mass censorship of opposing viewpoints through Big Tech and social media. They are the only people demanding the deplatforming and “canceling” of public personalities that dare to utter any views that are contrary to the leftist narrative. They are the only group that has a vast majority in support of the authoritarian covid lockdowns and mandates. They are the only people that aggressively call for forced vaccinations of the populace. They are the only people demanding that the unvaxxed be removed from their jobs or face potential criminal charges. They are the only people that push for the indoctrination of school children with Critical Race Theory (which is essentially racism repackaged as academic activism). And, they are also the only people that are hyper-obsessive about propagating sexual politics in public schools.

These folks are exceedingly unlikable. One would think that they would remain on the very fringes of society where they can do little harm, but this has not been the case. Why? Well, it’s not because they are the majority, at least not in any traditional way. (more…)

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TFMR Podcast – Friday, November 26

With TF

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What an unexpected and wildly volatile day to end the week as news of a new Covid mutation grips the world with concerns of new lockdowns. Just about everything with a bid was sold and the only thing green was Comex gold and the bond market. What happens come Monday? Your guess is as good as mine but please be sure to have a listen to this podcast over the weekend.

As we’ve discussed…

ZeroHedge: Morgan Stanley Execs Are Pushing Junior Bankers To Get Back Into The Office

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Morgan Stanley Execs Are Pushing Junior Bankers To Get Back Into The Office

At a time when junior bankers are being coddled more than ever on Wall Street, Morgan Stanley’s CEO James Gorman has a stern message for his young employees: get into the office.

Chris O’Dea, a Morgan Stanley managing director, said on a conference call to employees last week: “If you’re 21 to 35, you are nuts not to be in the office all the time.”

Executives at the bank are pushing for their younger employees to ditch Zoom in favor of suiting up like the old days and getting into the office, the NY Post reported this week. 

Gorman said earlier this year he would be “disappointed” if staff wasn’t back at their desks by Labor Day. He also threatened a pay cut for those who didn’t come back to the office.

While the bank hasn’t officially mandated a return to the office, most employees have chosen to return. Banks like Goldman aren’t taking chances and have reinstituted mandatory office time. 

Gorman said this summer: “I fundamentally believe the way you and I develop our career is by being mentored and by watching and experiencing the professional skills of those who came before us. You can’t do that sitting at home by yourself — there’s a limit to Zoom technology.”

It looks like the attitude on Wall Street could be shifting away from coddling junior bankers, which banks have been doing ever since rogue Goldman Sachs employees made and publicized a slide deck about how tough working conditions were at the bank.

Gorman may be taking his cues from Cantor Fitzgerald’s CEO, Howard Lutnick, who was the first to vocally push back on junior bankers this past summer. Lutnick said that junior bankers complaining about long hours and stressful demands should “rethink their career choice”. (more…)

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“Feels Like A Ruse” – Starlink Customers Angered By Massive Delay, Some Want Money Back

“Feels Like A Ruse” – Starlink Customers Angered By Massive Delay, Some Want Money Back

Starlink, Elon Musk’s internet space company, emailed customers late Tuesday night who put down a $100 deposit to secure a dish were being delayed for up to a year or more. Only days ago, Starlink customers reported on the Starlink account portal homepage that their expected order delivery time was late 2021. 

The delay comes as no surprise. Musk is a notorious salesman who overpromises and underdelivers for some of his companies, especially Tesla. Last month, the world’s richest man told Starlink users, “Should be nationwide rollout by the end of the month.” 

Wait. So what exactly changed since early October that Starlink would have to delay orders for up to a year for some? Here’s the email: 

Thank you for being a supporter of Starlink! Over 14 million people have inquired about Starlink service in their area and today Starlink is available in over 20 countries (and counting).  

The Starlink team has been working hard to expand service and increase capacity while continuously improving quality of service. We will be able to accommodate more users per area as we increase the number of satellites in orbit.  


SHTFplan: Health Officials “Baffled” By Surging Disease In LA’s Most Vaccinated Communities

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This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

The most highly “vaccinated” areas of Los Angeles for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are also the sickest. And health officials are scratching their heads trying to figure out why.

Because they apparently believe the lie that getting jabbed increases immunity, the expectation is that public health should be going up rather than down. The exact opposite is happening, however.

Areas of LA where vaccination rates are low have a whole lot fewer sick people than areas where jab compliance is high. And health officials are blaming differences in “behavior” and waning immunity – anything but the injections.

“People in those communities may also have lower levels of natural immunity due to historically low levels of coronavirus exposure,” one news outlet hilariously wrote as another excuse.

Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer says that she and other “authorities” are currently trying to figure out what might be the cause of this disparity.

Ferrer personally believes that age might have something to do with it. In her mind, younger people are “driving this pandemic,” so that is her excuse.

“I will say the one thing that does jump out – the average ages were very low in all these communities,” Ferrer is quoted as saying.

“This is, essentially, in the communities with the highest rates, this is a pandemic that is in fact fueled by younger people.”

Wuhan Flu injections are creating another “wave” of disease in LA

Ferrer went on to blame young people for “intermingling both socially and at work sites,” which she says is “contributing” to the spread of Chinese Germs among the “fully vaccinated.”

“Whoever you are and wherever you live, whether you live in a community with a high vaccination rate or with not-so-high vaccination rates, the most important thing you as a person are going to need to do is get yourself vaccinated, the people you love vaccinated, and then be sensible about precautions around intermingling while transmission rates remain relatively high across the county,” Ferrer further added in a canned statement.

Hilariously, Ferrer was unable to explain why seven of the 10 LA communities with the most new “cases” of the Fauci Flu also have jab rates that far exceed the nationwide average.

“If you’re not vaccinated, you’ve got a much higher risk of ending up infected, ending up in the hospital, and tragically passing away,” Ferrer still claims. “That’s crystal clear and it hasn’t really changed for months now.”

Back in August, Ferrer was also unable to adequately explain why so-called “breakthrough” cases of the Chinese Virus were surging in highly vaccinated LA.

At the time, the “delta variant” was spreading like wildfire among those who took the jab. Government officials had no answers other than to continue pushing the jabs as the “cure.”

According to the latest figures, Lancaster, Palmdale, Studio City, and Santa Clarita are among the 10 most highly infectious areas of LA County. These four communities also had the highest rates of new infection during the two-week period ending on November 6.

Countywide, some 73 percent of residents are fully vaccinated, which should have been enough for “herd immunity” to kick in. Apparently, Tony Fauci and the other plandemic liars deceived everyone about this as well.

“Some of our communities that have right now these higher case rates are in fact communities that have really decent coverage in terms of vaccination … and they still have a problem with high case rates,” Ferrer admitted.

Statewide, California currently has 611 covid-“positive” patients being treated at county hospitals. This is down from 616 on Wednesday.

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Russian Lawmaker Says He Would ‘Execute’ People By Firing Squad For Buying And Selling Fake Vaxx Cards 

Russian Lawmaker Says He Would ‘Execute’ People By Firing Squad For Buying And Selling Fake Vaxx Cards 

The rise in counterfeit vaccine certificates has enranged one Russian lawmaker who proposed that anyone who buys or sells certificates be executed by firing squad. He even said he would pull the trigger himself. 

Vladimir Sidorov, a Russian lawmaker from the ruling United Russia party serving in the region of Duma in Ryazan, told fellow legislators on Tuesday the need for harsher punishments for people who buy and sell the documents illegally. “It is necessary to shoot them,” he shouted.

Sidorov said he “would participate in the shootings.” “Be sure to do it! You and I have no other choice,” he urged fellow lawmakers. 

The emotionally charged lawmaker immediately walked back his speech after it went viral on social media and sparked criticism among netizens. He said he was emotionally overwhelmed during his rant after the loss of his wife to COVID. He did emphasize that anyone who buys or sells fake vaccination certificates should face “tough punishment.” He added that “no one likes restrictions, but vaccination is the key to surviving a pandemic.”

ZeroHedge: With Inflation So High, The Elites Have Some Suggestions For How You Can Save Money This Thanksgiving…

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With Inflation So High, The Elites Have Some Suggestions For How You Can Save Money This Thanksgiving…

Authored by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog,

Normally, inflation is not a major theme on Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, these are not normal times.  Thanks to Joe Biden and our other crooked politicians in Washington, we are facing an inflation crisis that is unlike anything that we have experienced since the 1970s.  Earlier this week, I discussed a new poll which showed that 88 percent of Americans are deeply concerned about inflation, and a different poll found that 67 percent of Americans disapprove of the way that Biden is handling rising prices.  Now Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and most Americans are finding that their grocery dollars are not stretching as far as they once did.

This is being hailed as “the most expensive Thanksgiving ever”, but don’t worry, because the elite are offering some suggestions for how you can save some money.

For example, NBC News is telling us to “consider not buying a turkey” in order to save some cash.

If that wasn’t offensive enough, they are also saying that “some people think turkey is overrated” and that an “Italian feast” might be a better alternative…

“I know that is the staple of the Thanksgiving meal. However, some people think turkey is overrated, and so it tends to be the most expensive thing on the table. Maybe you do an Italian feast instead.”

I love Italian food, but Americans have eaten turkey on Thanksgiving for generations. (more…)

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After Paying Out $86 Million in Fines Over Stolen Bank Documents, Goldman Sachs Gets a Reprieve Yesterday from the Federal Reserve

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After Paying Out $86 Million in Fines Over Stolen Bank Documents, Goldman Sachs Gets a Reprieve Yesterday from the Federal Reserve

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: November 24, 2021 ~ Yesterday the Federal Reserve Board of Governors announced the termination of an enforcement action against Goldman Sachs that dates back to 2016. It’s one more case where Goldman Sachs, the “great vampire squid,” throws its lower-ranked employees under the bus and quickly returns to “relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” The Fed had fined Goldman Sachs a paltry $36.3 million in August of 2016 over its employees using confidential supervisory information that had been stolen from the New York Fed to make presentations to clients and prospective clients. The Fed’s settlement followed an October 28, 2015 settlement between Goldman and the New York State Department of Financial Services over similar charges. Goldman agreed to settle the NYSDFS case for $50 million. The case centers around Rohit Bansal, who had worked at the New York Fed and … Continue reading

ZeroHedge: Scottish Government’s Vax Passport Sending People’s Private Data To Amazon, Microsoft; Report

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Scottish Government’s Vax Passport Sending People’s Private Data To Amazon, Microsoft; Report

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

As if the liberty erasing connotations of vaccine passports were not enough on their own, it has been revealed that the Scottish government has allowed data from the scheme to be shared with private companies including Amazon.

The Daily Record reports, “We have learned the NHS mobile phone app which presents the personal medical information in the form of a QR Code shares data with companies including Amazon, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Royal Mail and an AI facial recognition firm.”

Users of the vaccine passport app were not informed their data would be shared, according to the report.

Commenting on the findings, Sam Grant of privacy advocate group Liberty warned “Vaccine passports create a two-tier society and already many people in Scotland have been coerced into getting a vaccine passport in order to attend events and access certain parts of society.”

Grant added, “It’s extremely concerning that, in doing so, data has been shared with third parties without people having the option to opt out or without even being made aware that this is happening. This only furthers the wide concerns people already have around vaccine passports.”

The leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat party, Alex Cole-Hamilton, also stated that his party “have repeatedly warned the Government that data protection is virtually non-existent – a simple screenshot was enough to bypass whatever ‘security measures’ the system had in place.”

“The launch was a shambles and the IT system struggled to cope,” Cole-Hamilton explained, adding “Everyone has the right to medical privacy; nobody should ever have to provide part of their medical history to a bouncer or a series of private companies. That is just simply absurd.”

Silkie Carlo, the head of another Privacy advocate group, Big Brother Watch, explained Monday why the vaccine passports are a total failure in Scotland:

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In Early 2022, Prices Will Be Going Up 20 To 25 Percent On Thousands Of Different Products

If you think that inflation is bad now, just wait until we get into early next year.  As you will see below, some of the biggest corporations in the entire country have just announced major price increases which will take effect during the first few months of 2022.  So if there are some things that you want to stock up on, you may want to do it now, because your money won’t stretch as far once we get a few months down the road.  I really wish that I had better news for you.  I really wish that I could tell you that prices are going to level off and that economic conditions will return to normal soon.  Unfortunately, the truth is that it appears that our problems will soon be accelerating.

Earlier today, I was stunned to learn that General Mills has announced that prices on “hundreds of items” will be jacked up dramatically in early 2022.  In some cases, prices “will go up by around 20%”

General Mills (GIS) notified retail customers that it’s raising prices in mid-January on hundreds of items across dozens of brands. They include Annie’s, Progresso, Yoplait, Fruit Roll-Ups, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charm’s, Wheaties, Reese’s Puffs, Trix and more, according to letters General Mills sent to at least one major regional wholesale supplier last week.

For some items, prices will go up by around 20% beginning next year.


When you go to the grocery store after the holiday season is over, get ready for a case of severe sticker shock.

Of course General Mills is not the only large corporation that will be doing this.

According to CNN, Tyson Foods, the Kraft Heinz Company, Procter & Gamble, and Kimberly Clark have all announced significant price increases for 2022…

General Mills’ plans are the latest evidence that rising prices won’t be going away anytime soon for some of the most recognizable food and household brands. The company is the latest consumer manufacturer to announce price hikes beginning next year, joining Tyson (TSN), Kraft Heinz (KHC), Mondelez (MDLZ), Procter & Gamble (PG), Kimberly Clark (KMB) and others.

In my entire lifetime, I have never seen anything like this.

Right now, a single shopping cart of food can easily run more than 250 dollars at the grocery store.

Once these price increases go into effect, will it take 300 or 400 dollars to purchase a typical shopping cart full of food?

Just thinking about that gives me the shivers.

Things are going to be changing at your local dollar store too.

This week, it was announced that the standard price point at Dollar Tree will be moving to $1.25 “by the end of April”

After 35 years of selling goods for a buck, Dollar Tree is boosting its standard price point to $1.25 by the end of April, the company said in a statement Tuesday. While the decision is “not a reaction to short-term or transitory market conditions,” Dollar Tree acknowledged the inflationary environment and said the price boost will help mitigate historically high costs, including freight and distribution expenses, as well as wage increases.

“Lifting the one-dollar constraint represents a monumental step for our organization,” Chief Executive Officer Michael Witynski said in the statement. The move will allow Dollar Tree to expand its product assortment and reintroduce some items that were pulled due to the $1 constraint.

It was inevitable that this day would come, but it is still very sad to see it actually happen.

When I was growing up, I remember going to the “five and dime”, and in those days you could actually buy things for a nickel or a dime.

Many readers may think that a 25 cent increase is not that big of a deal, but for the millions of impoverished Americans that regularly shop at dollar stores that will really add up.

Suddenly moving from $1.00 to $1.25 is a 25 percent price increase, and that change will literally apply to thousands upon thousands of different products.

Inflation is rapidly eroding our standard of living, and the American people are not happy about it.

In fact, Americans disapprove of the way that Joe Biden is handling this crisis by about a two to one margin

Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of the inflation crisis (67%), according to the results from the latest CBS-YouGov Poll.

There were 33% of Americans that did approve, though, which is just 11 points less than Biden’s presidential approval rating of 44% in the poll.

Biden keeps spouting lots of empty promises that make it sound like he intends to do something to combat rising inflation, but his actions show that he really doesn’t care.

He keeps pushing for Congress to pass more absolutely colossal spending bills, and he just nominated Jerome Powell for a second term as the head of the Federal Reserve.

Powell and his cronies pumped trillions upon trillions of fresh dollars into the system in order to prop up the financial markets, but in the process they have unleashed a tsunami of inflation that is unlike anything we have seen since the 1970s.

And this is just the start.  As I warned in both Lost Prophecies and 7 Year Apocalypse, eventually we are going to be facing inflation that is far, far worse than anything that we experienced back in the 1970s.

But Janet Yellen continues to insist that everything will be just fine.

According to Yellen, inflation will be subsiding by “the second half of next year”

“I think in the second half of next year, we’ll begin to see inflation subside and the way you’ll be able to see that is by looking at monthly inflation rates,” added Yellen, who addressed the forum virtually.

Even though she has been wrong over and over again, you can keep believing her if you want.

And you can keep believing Jerome Powell, Joe Biden, “Dr. Fauci” and all the rest of them if you want.

But they aren’t telling you the truth.

These are the days of the great currency meltdown that so many have been warning you about.

The dollar is in the process of dying, there are shortages all over the country, our economy is being shaken in hundreds of different ways, and the worst global energy crisis in decades has suddenly erupted.

Unfortunately, things are going to get even worse in 2022.

So hold on tight, because a really bumpy ride is ahead of us.

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