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FreedomFest 2012: A World In Turmoil – Will America be Next? / by Lorimer Wilson / June 4, 2012 Will America be next? Here at the Daily Bell we believe the West is facing payback time for the forced, non-democratic and now failing EU experiment as well as the central banking cartel inspired fiat money and sovereign debt collapse now wrecking economies and impoverishing the […]

Identity Lost: Canadians boil over as govt mulls US welfare model

The Canadian province of Quebec. A region that prides itself on free healthcare and affordable education for its residents. Students here pay a fixed amount for tuition fees, around $2500 a year for all of the colleges and universities. That’s the LOWEST rate in North America – and the taxpayers pick up the rest. But […]

US military build-up in Asia: ‘Act of War’?

A day after laying out details of the Pentagon’s new Asia-Pacific strategy, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta visited Vietnam. On Saturday, he said the majority of America’s warships will be deployed in the area by 2020. Stephen Lendman, American radio host and author talks to RT. He says Congress would surely call such a build-up […]

India sticks with Iran when it comes to oil

India has dealt a fresh blow to America and Europe’s attempts to force Iran to stop enriching Uranium. Just one months before unprecedented sanctions against the Islamic republic coming to force New Delhi, the biggest buyer of Iranian oil, said their trade will not be affected. RT’s Priya Shridhar reports from India. Subscribe to RT! […]


The global financial system is becoming unhinged. One must stay optimistic but be realistically optimistic as the greatest transfer of wealth takes place in history. Several countries our buying gold by the ton now as Western countries are printing fia…

Not Even A Drill: US, S.Korea speс-ops pester Pyongyang

It’s a scandal likely to fuel the long-standing tensions between Washington and Pyongyang. A media report accuses US and South Korean special forces of parachuting into North Korea to spy on underground military facilities. The source was an American army general who admitted the missions had happened. It’s been vehemently denied by Washington which now […]

The National Attack Authorization Act? / by John Aziz / May 27, 2012 We all know that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by President Obama on New Year’s Eve contained a now-struck-down provision to authorise the indefinite detention of American citizens on US soil. But did you know that the NDAA also paves the way for war with […]

Press 1 For English: Is America Destined To Become A Multilingual Nation? / May 27, 2012 The quickest way to divide people is to have them speak different languages.  America has always been a nation of immigrants, but one of the things that has always united us as a nation has been the English language.  In the past, it was always understood that if you wanted […]

Catch-22 situation for America / May 25, 2012 Yesterday was another miserable day for the euro, with the EURUSD falling to a new 22-month low at $1.2531, while the Dollar Index hit a 20-month high of 82.41 before settling at 82.35 (up 0.31% for the day). WSJ quotes unnamed Tokyo dealers who note support for the euro at […]

45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America / May 23, 2012 Just because you were once the most powerful nation on earth does not mean that you will always be the most powerful nation on earth.  Every single year, hundreds of billions of dollars leaves the United States and goes to China.  This enormous transfer of wealth has had a dramatic […]