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Russian Consul In Athens Found Dead / by Tyler Durden / Jan 9, 2017 2:34 PM According to reports in the Greek press, on Monday the head of the Russian Consular service in Athens was found dead in his apartment in downtown Athens. However, unlike the recent assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, according to preliminary reports the death is not the […]

When Will Greece Elect a Real Government?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Martin Armstrong / May 11, 2016 Protests broke out in Greece over the weekend in Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki. The government is yielding to Brussels and has not figured out that this policy is destroying its own […]

Meanwhile In Greece, Familiar Scenes Are Back: General Strike, Molotov Cocktails, Tear Gas

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. And here's a pic from a progressional @AP' Thanassis Stavrakis #Greece #generalstrike — Derek Gatopoulos (@dgatopoulos) February 4, 2016 / by Tyler Durden on 02/04/2016 10:42 Greece was fixed for a few months, when the so-called “anti-austerity” government of […]

The Great Greek Fire Sale, Or Not / by Jennifer Rankin and Helena Smith for The Guardian / July 25, 2015 In the early days of the Greek debt crisis, two German politicians came up with a radical solution: Greece should sell off some of its uninhabited islands and property to pay back its creditors. “Sell your islands you bankrupt Greeks! And sell […]

Buffett, Johnny Depp Snap Up “Cheap” Greek Islands / by Tyler Durden / 07/21/2015 09:40 -0400 On Monday, we brought you a day in the life of a Greek realtor. Courtesy of Bloomberg, we got a first-hand account of what it’s like in the Athens real estate market now that the Greek economy has collapsed. “For the last 15 days,” the Athenian realtor featured […]

“The Streets Of Athens Will Fill With Tanks”: Kathimerini Reveals Grexit “Black Book” Shocker / by Tyler Durden on 07/19/2015 – 15:15 Over the course of six painful months, round after round of fraught negotiations between Greece and its creditors produced all manner of speculation about what a “Grexit” would actually entail. With no precedent to turn to for guidance, mapping out the implications of an exit from the […]

We Just Arrived in Athens… Here’s What We Saw / Bill Bonner / July 14, 2015 We Hopped on a Plane to Athens … ATHENS, Greece – “It’s finished. The euro finished. Greece finished.” With this apocalyptic shorthand, our taxi driver described the situation in Athens. The banks here have been closed for two weeks. To try to prop up the crumbling banking system, the […]

07.12 LIVE Updates on Greek Situation: Pro-Grexit Protesters Gathering in Athens / by John Galt / July 12, 2015 As the obscenity known as the Greek bailout proposal was presented to the Tsipras government by the Germans (because they do run the European Union) the disaster which is facing Prime Minister Tsipras and his nation became apparent with this Tweet a short while ago: The final draft […]

Greece Votes NO – Let The Chaos Begin…

The result of the referendum in Greece is a great victory for freedom, but it is also threatens to unleash unprecedented economic chaos all across Europe.  With almost all of the votes counted, it is being reported that approximately 61 percent of Greeks have voted “no” and only about 39 percent of Greeks have voted […]

NO Vote Looks Like 55% in Greece / by Martin Armstrong / July 5, 2015 Our staff there in Athens right now is reporting that it appears the NO vote has the majority. This is a vote that demonstrates Brussels has been dead wrong with austerity for the last 5 years. This is likely to encourage a contagion. Brussels will most likely resist for […]