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Global Love Day 2012

I speak with Harold Becker of The Love Foundation. The link to the website is here . The link to second life is here .

Central Bank Liars

I speak with Jeff Nielson of Bullionbullscanada about his latest article and the link is here . Jeff speaks to Altinvestors about the Austrian school economics and the links are here and here . Thanks for watching!

Mutiny in the pits!

Traders walk out and abandon ship of CME Eurodollar pit to protest trade and the link is here . Iceland forgives all mortgage debt and gives bankers the finger and the link is here . The President of Iceland talks about how he screwed the bankers and the link is here . […]

Silver Shield

I speak with Silver Shield a.k.a. Chris Duane about silver confiscation, Blythe Masters, and the fact that no one is going to save you and the links are here here and here . One JPMorgan trader named Bruno Iksil controls the entire derivatives markets and the link is here . You […]

Chicago Resource Expo

I speak with Eric Radez who is the co Chairman of the Chicago Resource Expo. The Expo is free to the public and the website is . Mega millions is just another tax on the poor and middle class then the link is here . GNP Growth at 1.8% versus 3.0% GDP – […]

Are you ready?

I speak with money manager Woody O’ Brien.

Spiritual silver

I speak with Dr. Lee Warren about gold, the economic crisis, and the spiritual aspects of silver. The rats are abandoning ship and the link is here . Wyoming is preparing for a collapse of the federal government and the link is here .

Mother Diva

I speak with Mother Diva about gold, silver, The Chicago Resource Expo and the entertainment industry. Mother Diva’s interview with Mickey Fulp is here and here is another video from the Expo . I recently had problems uploading video’s to my Youtube account for the past 4 days so thanks to everyone who […]

Clean currency?

I speak with Demcad about the recent Tide thefts and the links are here and here,0,3847177.story . Pierre Lassonde says gold could spike and the link is here . Here is the link to Demcad’s video that we referred to . Thanks for watching!

bigdad06: Rothschild vs Sprott

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food.