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The World’s First Space Nation Now Has A Satellite Flying Above The Earth

On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence in outer space by launching the Asgardia-1 satellite.  The nation is slowing coming to fruition. The “nanosat”  is roughly the size of a loaf of bread and undertook a two-day journey from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, the United States, to the International Space Station (ISS). It contains […]

Democracy Vs. Liberty: Trump Fails To Understand The Founders, As Have All Presidents Since Wilson

Authored by Steve H. Hanke of the Johns Hopkins University. Follow him on Twitter @Steve_Hanke. In the aftermath of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson set out to make the world safe for democracy. Since then, U.S. Presidents have marched to the drumbeat of Wilsonian idealism. Indeed, most U.S. foreign policy is carried out under […]

Are You Done Yet? / by Karl Denninger / 2017-06-04 So we have another one. This, being no big surprise, didn’t require guns or bombs.  Knives and cars were fine. You can prattle on all you want about restricting weapons, but that’s idiotic.  One man with a gun would have made short work of Mr. Machete getting out of that van.  But, […]

“Rebranding Liberty As Evil” As Globalists Prepare to Blame Populists for Everything

This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at Editor’s Comment: Taking Brandon’s point into account, what is happening now appears to be a mass hoax in that crowds from the “liberty” movement, the “truth” movement, the “conservative” movement, the “populist” movement and several other labels are being goaded into […]

Davos Elite Fear “Rise of Populism… Road Leads to War, Poverty, Confrontation… And Domination”

Fearing that they are losing power, the elite are readying a heavy-handed response to populations that are growing restless and uneasy. For their purposes, the growing wave of populism is a dangerous sign… This article was contributed by Melissa Dykes and originally published at the Daily Sheeple. Editor’s Comment: Cloaked behind digestible buzzwords and cliches […]

On The 225th Anniversary Of The United States’ Bill Of Rights

Authored by Antonius Aquinas, This December, 2016, marks the 225th anniversary of the ratification of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution which would become known as the “Bill of Rights.”  To secure passage of the Constitution, the framers of the document (the Federalists) had to agree that it would contain explicit language on […]

Poised for Collapse: How “Unrest Could Become Real Revolution” Inside America

This article was written by Jeremiah Johnson and originally published at Editor’s Comment: There are many ways this could play out, but few could deny that any number of critical factors are coming to a head right her at home. If economic collapse is particularly harsh, things could easily spiral out of control. Civil […]

The Tyranny At Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Is Working / by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute / Nov 28, 2016 6:05 PM What we’re witnessing at Standing Rock, where activists have gathered to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline construction on Native American land, is just the latest incarnation of the government’s battle plan for stamping out any sparks of resistance and keeping the populace under […]

What if the Government Is Not Worth Thanking? / By Andrew P. Napolitano / November 24, 2016 What if on Thanksgiving Day there is more to be fearful about than there is to be thankful for? What if our political season from hell is not over but merely transformed? What if the election season through which we all just suffered is a portent of […]

Obama Pursues World Government in Final United Nations Speech: “Call To End National Sovereignty”

This article was written by Kurt Nimmo and originally published at Kurt is the editor of Another Day In The Empire Editor’s Comment: So, now that Obama is at the end of his second term, he is basically calling for everything that right-wing dissidents have been accusing him of: namely, of conspiring to undermine […]