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Financial Strategist: Trade War Could Usher In Dire Financial Crisis MUCH SOONER

According to a Societe Generale strategist Albert Edwards, a trade war would bring about a financial crisis a lot sooner than anyone expected. Edwards has warned in the past that currency devaluation could spark an economic recession worse than 2008, and now he’s sounding the alarm about Donald Trump’s trade policies. Edwards now points to the Trump […]

Emerging Markets: What has Changed / Dr. Win Thin / December 22nd, 2017 Fitch upgraded Indonesia by a notch to BBB with stable outlook. EU-Poland tensions entered a new phase. Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as the new ANC President over opponent Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Argentina’s lower house approved President Macri’s pension reform bill. Sebastian Pinera won the Chilean presidency in the second […]

EU Opens Article Seven Process Against Poland: Poland to Leave the EU? / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / December 21, 2017 The EU opened up Article 7 charges against Poland for having non-EU values. Poland is a serious risk to leave the EU. Article seven is a charge against a country for having non-European values. Specifically, the charge against Poland relates to its judiciary, but the EU also took […]

Brexit Deal “Sufficient Progress” Made: Divorce Talk Round Two Begins / by Mike Mish Shedlock / December 8, 2017 UK Prime Minister Theresa May caved in on enough things allowing the EU negotiators to proclaim “Sufficient Progress”. “Sufficient Progress” Declared Brexit: European Commission recommends sufficient progress to the European Council (Article 50) #euco #Brexit — European Commission (@EU_Commission) December 8, 2017 READ MORE The […]

Bailins Coming In EU – 114 Italian Banks Have NP Loans Exceeding Tangible Assets / By jan skoyles / December 5, 2017 Bailins Coming In EU – 114 Italian Banks Have NP Loans Exceeding Tangible Assets – Italy opposes ECB proposal that holds banks to firm deadlines for writing down bad loans – Italy’s banks weighed down under €318bn of bad loans – New ECB rules could ‘derail’ any recovery in […]

Putin Blamed For Poland’s Bust-Up With Brussels / by Tyler Durden / Nov 20, 2017 Russia-gate blame-scaping is accelerating across Europe… and now it is being embraced by none other than European Council President Donald Tusk. *** In what is an unprecedented attack by an EU leader on a member state’s sitting government, Bloomberg reports that Tusk explicitly suggests the ruling Law & Justice party is merely […]

Gold Price Hits 5-Month Aussie High as No.2 Mine Output Forecast to Halve in 40 Years / ADRIAN ASH / 11/17/2017 Gold price gains of 0.5% from last Friday’s finish held firm in London trade today as world stock markets recovered more of this week’s drop and commodities also rallied after falling from their recent multi-year highs. Gold held at $1282, some $5 per ounce below Wednesday’s attempt at 4-week highs versus the […]

The EU’s Biggest Standing Armies / by Tyler Durden / Nov 16, 2017 As we detailed previously, the foreign and defense secretaries of 23 EU countries (out of 28 in total) agreed on Monday to take further steps towards forming a European defense force. Five countries opted out: The United Kingdom (that’s is leaving the EU), Denmark, Ireland, Portugal and Malta. The defense […]

Here’s what real US-Russian collusion looks like / by Jon Rappoport /  Nov 15, 2017 The late great author and researcher, Antony Sutton (1925-2002), labored for many years to unearth US-Russian collusion at the highest levels. That’s why Sutton was censored by mainstream news and academic institutions. The Best Enemy Money Can Buy (1986), and his three-volume classic, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, published […]

The EU Just Did the Big Banks a Massive Favor / by Don Quijones / Oct 25, 2017  The European Union’s executive arm, the European Commission, made a lot of bank executives very happy this Tuesday by abandoning its multi-year pledge to break-up too-big-to-fail lenders. Despite the huge risk they still pose to Europe’s rickety financial system, big European banks like Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, ING, and Santander can […]