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Ron Paul: We Are Reaching A Point Of No Return

This article was originally published by Adam Taggart at PeakProsperity Dr. Ron Paul has long been a leading voice for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, civil liberty, and non-interventionist foreign policies. Dr. Paul served as the US Representative for Texas’s 27th Congressional District from 1976 to 1985. He then represented the 14th district […]

Fiat Chrysler Shares Soar After China’s Great Wall Confirms Interest

Last week AutomotiveNews reported rumors that at least one Chinese automaker had made a bid for Fiat Chrysler (FCA) at a slight premium to the company’s prevailing market price though it was reported rejected.  While it’s unclear whether an official bid was made, this morning Reuters is confirming that China’s Great Wall Motor Company has […]

No Paper, Just Plastic: Europe “Next Offensive in the War on Cash” to Force People on the Grid

This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Editor’s Comment: Though the various governments at play prefer to emphasize how cash would cut down on crime and terrorism, they overlook the true source of funding and facilitation for those activities. The real motive is to beat back independence, and force […]

Utah May Soon Dump Federal Reserve: “Put Trust Back in God and Gold, Rather Than Central Bank”

States fed up with the phony, manipulated central bank currencies are starting to move away from the failing system – and prepare to hedge themselves against the worst case scenarios of monetary collapse. Though the Federal Reserve clearly dominates the U.S. and global economy, some U.S. states are making moves to reestablish real money, and […]

America’s Quiet War on Cash Fuels Banker Power: “Cracking Down On Paper Money”

This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Editor’s Comment: The new system is being built up to make slaves of us. The digital currency is the least secure in every way, not only giving banks and governments specific and total information about all your transactions, but opening people up […]

Wall Street Bankers Meet in Secret To Transform “U.S. Dollars Into Pure Digital Assets”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: Gee, I wonder who benefits from a system designed and launched in secret for and by bankers? The most notorious such meet was at Jeckyll Island just over a century ago to create the Federal Reserve system. Half […]

Citi Bank Warns of Unmitigated Global Instability: “This Sucker Is Going Down”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: In case you haven’t noticed, the economy continues to drag on at or near the breaking point, and all the big institutions are fully aware and even warning about it. If they can’t be proven to be part of engineering […]

Monetary Reform: Fiat vs. Market / Gary North / April 16, 2016 Remnant Review What is fiat money? It comes from “fiat,” which means a formal authorization or proposition or a decree. Synonyms are these: edict, order, command, commandment, injunction, proclamation, mandate, dictum, diktat. It is an arbitrary order. The phrase “fiat lux” comes from Genesis 1:2: “Let there be light.” […]

In A Crisis, Your Paper Dollars Are Worthless: “Real Goods Are The Real Money”

This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at his Project Chesapeake blog. Editor’s Comment: When people hold paper money, they are holding a promise, or the illusion, of value. Tom makes the case clear here that, when you really need it, that paper money won’t be there for you. Ultimately, the money […]

We Are All Dead / by Karl Denninger / 2015-07-07 06:00 I have often commented about innumeracy among the American people, but nowhere do I find it more-distressing than among those who are of sound mind and reasonable (or better) education. There really isn’t any point in having any sort of debate on government reform, monetary reform or anything of the sort with those […]