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JP Morgan and Rothschilds Commit Debt Suicide? – Christian Garcia

In this report Christian Garcia discusses:

* Spain Bonds Increase
* JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon criticizes government
* Rothschilds consolidate banks
* New American Family
* Debt Suicide

Silver Manipulation Acknowledged By Government – Christian Garcia

In this report Christian Garcia discusses:

* India Gold Strike
* EFSF Boost
* South Carolina Legalizes Gold and Silver?
* Silver and Gold Manipulation and price suppression Acknowledged by South Carolina State Treasurer and Explained 2012

Mike Maloney with Christian Garcia – What’s Going on?

In this report Mike Maloney discusses his view on this week’s recent metal movements and projects he is working on for us.

Christian Garcia discusses:

* Chinese Slowdown
* Dollar Strength Hype
* Bank of America, from fraudster to slumlord
* Banks doi…

Mike Maloney and Jakob Saks discuss Lithuania Jakob Saks speaks to Mike Maloney on Wall Street about Lithuania, the economy and the role of gold and silver.

Gold Silver Radio – Richard Daughty – "Disrespect for Those Who Deserve It""

Stay in tune with Gold & Silver:

In this edition of Gold Silver Radio, investor and guide Leigh Greenberg interviews Richard Daughty "The Mogambo Guru" about the economy, the Federal Reserve, and fiat currencies.

Michael Maloney: "We Pay Tax for the Privilege to Have Currency" Michael Maloney, CEO and Founder of speaks at the Casey Research/Sprott Summit When Money Dies.

The sold-out When Money Dies summit was a huge success, with attendees and participants alike receiving much to think about. If you missed it, you can still "be there," via a full set of audio recordings. These are available now, in CD or MP3 format for your convenience. to Discontinue Coupon Codes Today

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