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Gold Wins In Three Out Of Four Scenarios, Macquarie Warns “None Of Them Are Good For The Economy”

Submitted by Valentin Schmid via The Epoch Times, Warren Buffett claims that gold is worthless because it doesn’t produce anything. Fair point, but what if the other sectors of the economy also stop producing? “If you think of gold, the only way gold loses is if normal business and private sector cycles come back. If […]

Global Stocks Drop, US Futures Down As Dollar Rebound Halts Longest Oil Rally In Years

European, Asian stocks and S&P futures all fell in another quiet, low-volume early session. With oil entering a bull market yesterday (after sliding into a bear market just weeks ago), and set for its longest run of gains in 4 years after, overnight crude stumbled, and reversed early gains, falling for the first time in […]

Bundesbank Proposes Raising German Retirement Age, Sees Demographic Shock

Earlier today, the German Bundesbank, in its monthly report had some good and some not so good news. The good news was that, at least for now, the German economy is not being impacted by Brexit. This, however, will change as the facts suit the central bank, and especially if and when a convenient scapegoat […]

Hyperinflation Defined, Explained, and Proven: Part II

    Hyperinflation Defined, Explained, and Proven: Part II Written by Jeff Nielson (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)       Part I began the somewhat ambitious mission described in the title: providing readers with the true definition of the term “hyperinflation”, in both economic and mathematical terms. This was done through first defining the term “inflation” itself. […]

Generation Screwed Fights Back

Submitted by Pieter Diekmeyer of SprottMoney Generation Screwed Fights Back: Investment Implications Numerous data points suggest that Western youth are increasingly disenfranchised, mal-educated and in debt. How that will affect investment outlooks is unclear. The good news is that some Millennials – in Canada of all places – are starting to fight back. So says […]

Tyranny Of The PhDs

Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Sad to say, you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. The world is drifting into financial entropy, and it is going to get steadily worse. That’s because the emerging stock market slump isn’t just another cyclical correction; it’s the opening phase of the end-game. That is, the end game of the PhD […]

The Pension Bubble: How The Defaults Will Occur

              The Pension Bubble: How The Defaults Will Occur Written by Peter Diekmeyer (CLICK FOR ORIGINAL)     Experts worry about stock, bond and real estate market excesses. But a bubble is forming that dwarfs them all: in pension plans. Millions of Americans and Canadians who are counting on […]

Relating To The Struggle: Here Is How Much Federal Reserve Bank Presidents Made In 2015

As the economy struggles and wage growth stagnates, everyone can rest easy knowing that the Federal Reserve bank presidents are getting paid quite nicely for all of their efforts. While wages grew 2.6% (at best) In 2015, Fed presidents saw a 4% average salary increase. And before anyone says that the presidents took one for […]

Fed’s Williams Says “I Don’t Know What We’ll Do In June”

Some were concerned earlier today, when SF Fed’s John Williams said that he sees about 2-3 rate hikes in 2016, followed by another 3-4 in 2017, suggesting a grand total between 5 and 7 more rate hikes over the next 18 months. However, those fears were promptly dissiptated when as Williams himself admitted during the […]

Key Events In The Coming Week

Following last week’s lull in global macro, it’s a busy start to the week in which we get the latest deluge of global flash PMIs, while the US economic calendar is loaded with New Home Sales data, Trade Balance, Initial Claims, UMichigan sentiment and the revised US Q1 GDP print on Friday. But perhaps the […]