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Facing The (Horrible) Future

This article was originally published by Chris Martenson on I’d like to tell you a short story based on a movie that has had a profound impact on me. I’ll get to the story in a moment, but first, a little background on the movie… It’s called Griefwalker (by Tim Wilson) and it focuses on the […]

[WATCH] Stefan Molyneux in Powerful Video: ‘Donald Trump, STOP THESE WARS!’

YouTube sensation Stefan Molyneux is making what he calls a “final plea for peace” and hoping president Donald Trump will take heed. Although the rhetoric from both the US and Russia appears to be heading us all towards a war, Molyneux is asking the power-hungry politicians to take a step back before they destroy all […]

The Life And Death Of A Massive Debt Bubble In Seven Charts By Tyler Durden/ 10/11/2013 20:52 -0400 On September 5, 2008, Citi’s Matt King wrote a report titled “Are the brokers broken?” which in its rhetorical question (the answer was and still is yes), implicitly explained why ten days later the world would experience the largest bankruptcy in the history of western civilization, crushing confidence in the […]

If You Are Happy, Not Much Else Matters In Life

“Being happy, that’s the main thing I’m trying to help with. If you’re happy, not much else matters in life, at least in my experience. There’s various ways to be happy, of course. I’m trying to tell people the things that I have learned. I’m trying to teach them to be curious, independent. It’s very […]

Peregrine Financial fraud loss tops $215 million, U.S. says / By Ann Saphir and Tom Polansek / SAN FRANCISCO/CHICAGO | Tue Jan 22, 2013 5:23pm EST (Reuters) – Peregrine Financial Group’s former chief executive stole more than $215 million from customers of his now-defunct futures brokerage and should be sentenced to the maximum 50 years in jail, U.S. prosecutors said on Tuesday. Russell […]

Video: I Don`t Have Much Use For Money

Jim Rogers is an author, financial commentator and successful international investor. He has been frequently featured in Time, The New York Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times and is a regular guest on Bloomberg and CNBC.

Lost in the Snowstorm of Structural Crisis, be a Trimtab

You and I are part of a system, The very cultural context that has caused us to walk in the wrong direction for very long, a direction that shirks personal responsibility and accountability. What to think about Old and New Context The leadership does not take responsibility and that is clear, the leadership […]

Tyva: Separated from Civilization (RT Documentary)

People of this Russian republic carefully keep up their old traditions like throat singing and wood carving. Shamanism is still practiced and they strongly believe in the power of their rituals. Separated far from civilization in Eastern Siberia, the residents mostly live in traditional dwellings, although there are some modern houses. Despite the rustic way […]

HOLISTIC approach to money politics culture and life

Spaceship Earth Video Please see and then send to others “Survival on Spaceship Earth” How are things failing to work in the sum of all the parts. Presently, individual details are highlighted, then these details die off after a short shelf-life and thus the overview never can emerge. How do I fit into the […]

Follow the Grain

USDA Drought Monitor Map US Monetary Trade Surplus of 1-4 Billion a Month in agriculture. How does this equate to life support? Does the US arbitrage labor via food? Tons of questions! 37B to 91B or so in imported food from 1999 to present.. Huge increase in total food imported? or monetary concern? I […]