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UPDATE! The FBI Scandal And FISA Memo: ‘It’s Worse Than Watergate’

By now, most have heard that the FISA memo detailing the major scandal in the FBI was released. Democrats and the deep state FBI are attempting damage control over the biggest scandal in American history. Let’s start with the cold basic fact: if the left had any evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to […]

Long List Of Weather Control Patents Prove Technology Exists To Manipulate Storms

With major storms such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hitting the United States with ferocity, questions have arisen by those mainly dubbed “conspiracy theorists.” But according to an extensive list of government patents, technology does indeed exist to control and manipulate such storms. According to Natural News, a quick perusal of the government’s many patents and […]

Gold and Silver Price Manipulation: The Biggest Financial Crime in History / By Stewart Dougherty / 15 March 2017 According to the mainstream financial media (MFM), the biggest financial frauds in history are the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, with roughly $20 billion in net investor losses, and the Bank State rigging of LIBOR, which resulted in 16 guilty banks paying $35 billion in fines, which […]

Japan Will Invest Its Pensions In US Infrastructure To Create “Hundreds Of Thousands Of US Jobs” / by Tyler Durden / Feb 1, 2017 8:33 PM Having decided to actively increase its risk exposure over the past few years, including venturing into high beta stocks and junk bonds – a gamble that has lead to a big jump in quarterly volatility not to mention significant downside risk should global markets suffer a crash […]

Gold Prices Are Being Hacked / By Clint Siegner / 10 January 2017 Major U.S. and international banks cheat their customers and rig markets. Revelations have been piling up since the 2008 financial crisis. Hundreds of billions have been paid in fines, penalties, and settlements. The fraud, price manipulation, lying, and theft – once considered conspiracy theories – are now incontrovertible […]

Saville doesn’t get it: Rig the gold price and you rig all prices / by cpowell / January 4, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Manipulation of the gold market by investment banks, technical analyst Steve Saville writes this week in the Speculative Investor, is not necessarily long-term price suppression:… Yes, GATA strives to distinguish between market activity by investment banks and market activity by governments […]

Judge’s decision in gold market-rigging case is an invitation to journalism / CHRIS POWELL / October 5, 2016 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Regarding disclosure today that the class-action anti-trust lawsuit against the London gold price-fixing banks, brought in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, has been allowed to proceed: 1) This is only a finding that there is enough evidence to continue the lawsuit, […]

Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – Central Bank Blather and Stock Option Expiration / 13 SEPTEMBER 2016 “People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage. Intellectual myopia, often called stupidity, is no doubt a reason. But the privileged also feel that their privileges, however egregious they may seem to others, are a solemn, basic, God-given right.” John […]

The Fat Lady Sings / By Bionic Mosquito / August 29, 2016 There are those in positions of power and authority – call them the elite – who desire that the United States government changes course;  no more global hegemon, as this path has led to the reality of global nuclear superpower confrontation.  I have written words to this effect […]

A Former NYMEX Trader Explains “The Mechanics Of Silver Manipulation” / Vincent Lanci, as posted originally on Marketslant / Jul 3, 2016 6:17 PM The Mechanics of Silver Manipulation JPMorgan Chase on Wednesday won the dismissal of three private antitrust lawsuits, including from hedge fund manager Daniel Shak, accusing the largest U.S. bank of rigging a market for silver futures contracts traded on COMEX. The lawsuits […]