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USDX Pushing Higher as Money Flows into Treasuries / By Trader Dan / May 31, 2012 The following chart I put together is interesting in the sense that it reveals exactly what is pushing the US Dollar Index Higher. Normally, all things considered, the country which possesses the most solid fundamentals in terms of monetary policy, economic growth rate, fiscal policy and […]

What is the absolute WORST case scenario for Silver?

It depends how long we’re going to pretend a scarce and useful physical metal is the same as unlimited imaginary paper promises.

Bank For International Settlements Making Gold Money: Gold 4 Cash Advertise Central Banks / May 30, 2012 What makes the current situation in gold and silver so transparent is the narrative behind the markets.  While the price propaganda in the markets tells potential buyers to stay away, The Basel Committee for Bank Supervision, part of the Bank for International Settlements, considers making gold a Tier 1 capital […]

Rob Arnott – Lost Confidence & Stocks to Plunge 20% to 30% / May 31, 2012 With continued volatility in global markets, today King World News interviewed five time Graham & Dodd Award Winner, Rob Arnott, who oversees more than $100 billion as the Founder & Chairman of Research Affiliates. When asked if the global economy and financial system is at risk of a collapse, Arnott […]

Money printing to the max / By Alasdair Macleod / May 26, 2012 There is a big shift in political sentiment among G8 leaders towards less austerity and more emphasis on economic growth, which was evident at their meeting last weekend. The triggers are the election of Francois Hollande, the threatened collapse of the eurozone, and the impending US […]

SBSS 30. How Hyperinflation Happens

Since I believe that hyper inflation is the most likely out come I want to look at it a little further. Hyperinflation has two technical aspects to it, 1. the quantity of money is essential.  If there are a lot of dollars relative to the amount of real goods and services out there it is […]

Empire Over Economy: ‘US may follow in USSR footsteps’


The US could collapse like the USSR, because it pursues futile military policies at the expense of economy, says Clyde Prestowitz, ex-Counselor to the Secretary of Commerce in the Reagan Administration. He thinks th…

Printing money is the only thing keeping the UK and US afloat / By Merryn Somerset Webb / May 21, 2012 I’ve been reading up on Scottish history in advance of the independence debate heating up. The must-have book on the events in advance of the Act of Union that brought Scotland and England together in 1707 is Douglas Watt’s The Price of Scotland. It’s a […]

Brown Bottom Intrigue

No one knows for sure what possessed Gordon Brown, then UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, to sell half of Britain’s gold reserves at the lowest price possible—except possibly Brown’s advisor’s, political cronies and maybe a fat-cat banker or two. The incomprehensibly foolish act of selling at the low point of an extended bear market, after […]

Hold on for eurobonds, JP Morgan and euro money printing to boost gold and silver prices / May 23, 2012 The pessimism in the precious metals market just has to be at something of a high point. And yet there is an obvious point of release on the horizon. Greece runs out of cash in six weeks’ time and that will finally force the eurozone to do the necessary and […]