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No Paper, Just Plastic: Europe “Next Offensive in the War on Cash” to Force People on the Grid

This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The Editor’s Comment: Though the various governments at play prefer to emphasize how cash would cut down on crime and terrorism, they overlook the true source of funding and facilitation for those activities. The real motive is to beat back independence, and force […]

Wall Street Bankers Meet in Secret To Transform “U.S. Dollars Into Pure Digital Assets”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: Gee, I wonder who benefits from a system designed and launched in secret for and by bankers? The most notorious such meet was at Jeckyll Island just over a century ago to create the Federal Reserve system. Half […]

In A Crisis, Your Paper Dollars Are Worthless: “Real Goods Are The Real Money”

This article was written by Tom Chatham and originally published at his Project Chesapeake blog. Editor’s Comment: When people hold paper money, they are holding a promise, or the illusion, of value. Tom makes the case clear here that, when you really need it, that paper money won’t be there for you. Ultimately, the money […]

Italian Populist’s Call for Smaller Government Falls on Deaf Establishment Ears

Beppe Grillo, popular leader of the 5-Star Movement, champion of smaller government and less government spending, has yet to get his message across to the more conservative Italians, who watch little media, in some respects a function of demographics, they are simply too busy enjoying the statist-quo: capital consumption. Though, against Grillo, he has some […]

Price Reflects Individual Values

The difference between ordinal and cardinal numbers explains how being “free to choose”—to individually value a good or a service or a security—is translated into numerals, or price. Consumers offer cash, bidding for other assets both at lit markets and in more common day-to-day exchanges. (A lit market is one where orders are displayed on […]

Campaign to Debase U.S. Coins Alive and Well in Obama Budget

U.S. President Barack Obama’s recently submitted budget proposal for 2015 revisits against U.S. coinage, its composition and cost. The President has shown an interest in updating and streamlining U.S. currency by cutting costs to production or eliminating altogether the smallest denominations since at least 2010, “in order to efficiently promote commerce in the 21st Century.” […]

Asian Silver Demand, State Legal Tender Laws Signal Move to Gold, Silver

In May of 2012 we wrote Shanghai Exchange Begins Physical Silver Delivery Shanghai Silver, and an update is due, as since then, now almost two years on, an immense demand has emerged on par with the famed Asian love for the yellow metal. As you can see in the chart below, silver deliveries out of […]

Ponzi Gave Name to Tried and True Scam

WealthCycles readers may know we have frequently referred to fractional reserve banking, and the global monetary system, for that matter as Ponzi or pyramid schemes. The term “Ponzi scheme” is frequently in the headlines, in a local news item in which some local sharpie has bilked senior citizens or his drinking buddies out of a […]

Who Benefits from ‘Moderate’ Inflation?

The fallacy that inflation is beneficial has gained great traction in recent years. The generation of working, saving U.S. taxpayers that lived through the runaway inflation of the 1970s came out of it convinced that inflation must be stomped out at all costs. But it turned out zero inflation wasn’t so great for the sectors […]

U.S. Debt Ceiling Suspended Till Feb 7, Feb 8th Debt Limit Increased, Precedent to Be Rolled?

Despite silence and zero denials from the conventional media outlets, our post Media Gets It Wrong — Debt Ceiling Suspended (Permanently), Not Raised, appears to have got it right and offers a cautionary observation on prospects for the value of the Federal Reserve’s dollar in the months and years ahead. Despite a big to-do about […]