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China’s Oil Rig Gambit: South China Sea Game-Changer? / by Carl Thayer via The Diplomat on 05/12/2014 22:09 -0400 China’s placement of the giant state-owned oil rig HD-981 in Block 143 inside Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) on May 2 was unexpected, provocative and illegal. This incident marks the first time China has placed one of its oil rigs in the EEZ […]

Gold: Everybody Is Negative And Short

“We had a big drop in 2013 and everybody got negative and short. So we are going to have a rally, though I do not think too much of the rally.” – in Economic Times NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS ON THE MARKETS (CLICK HERE) You can keep reading Jim`s market updates and financial commentary on […]

Guest Post: Silver Short Squeeze Scenario 420 / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / May 30, 2013 Submitted by Silver-Coin-Investor, Short squeezes often create unstable markets, although a short covering rally based on sudden and consensus buying can also create a major boost to liquidity. This can have the effect of lighting the match that will ultimately detonate the bomb for markets […]

Weekend Update / Saturday, March 9, 2013 at 12:21 pm Moving on. I had intended to type up a full post today discussing the miners but, you know what, that simply takes too much time to do and it’s a Saturday and I’d rather do something else. So, we’ll save the miners for sometime next week. […]

MASSIVE GOLD SHORT SQUEEZE IMMINENT?? / by SRSrocco / October 3, 2012 As we can see from the action in Sept 2011, right before gold went vertical, the commercial net short positions were at a peak.  But, when the price moved up it caused a HUGE SHORT SQUEEZE,  forcing the commercials to cover.  Here we can see that the […]

Iran Oil Embargo Goes Into Effect: Crude Up 8% / by Tyler Durden / 06/29/2012 13:36 Following a 3-sigma fall yesterday, WTI crude has rebounded exuberantly amid the European ecstacy and the Iran Oil Embargo. Up almost 9% from late yesterday’s lows (a 6-sigma jump), it appears yet another squeeze is in play (perhaps from demand-pull on the back of Hillary’s unyielding national […]

TF METALS – In Case You Missed It

Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 8:39 pm Lots of interesting stuff going on today. Our precious metals rallied and the open interest numbers continue to contract. However, the biggest story of the day flew under the radar. You’ve probably heard it said that “gold performs best in an environment of negative real interest rates”. You’ve […]

The Silver Singularity Is Near

January 27, 2012 by Mike Scully Price, as they say, is determined on the margins. This is especially true for inelastic goods. If 100 Tickle Me Elmo dolls exist in Walmart on Christmas eve, and 100 people absolutely need to have them, you don’t have a problem. The price will be some reasonable markup on […]

Silver’s Lease Spread Has Turned Positive

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 Negative lease spreads setup Silver’s D-wave decline(s) of 2008. Once price collapsed, lease spreads turned positive and peaked. Spreads peaked as price bottomed in late 2008. This setup the accelerating advance of 2009-2011. Real Silver Lease Rates (1-Month LIBOR less 1-Month SOFO) and London PM Fixed Silver Price READ MORE Tagged: […]

TF METALS – Getting Ready For a Big Week

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 11:04 a Sorry for the late update this morning. Lots going on in my personal Turdland and I’m just now getting an opportunity to post some charts. That said, we are off to a great start and this week may become rather consequential as we go along. When I say […]