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Whitney George & Rick Rule: Finding Value in Natural Resource Stocks

  Interested in precious metals investing or storage? Contact us HERE          Whitney George & Rick Rule: Finding Value in Natural Resource Stocks Posted with permission and written by Sprott U.S. Media (CLICK HERE FOR ORIGINAL)   Whitney George, portfolio manager of the Sprott Focus Trust, is a career-long value investor who […]

Sprott CIS: “This Might Be One of the Great Trades of All Time” / By Henry Bonner /  January 22, 2014 My Interview with John Embry John Embry is an investment strategist at Sprott Asset Management LP and works alongside Rick Rule and Eric Sprott. Mr. Embry oversaw $5 billion in funds at RBC Global Investment Management before Sprott, and he is a well-known gold and silver bull and considered an […]

Billionaire Sprott – Expect A Failure To Deliver Gold & Lawsuits / January 17, 2014 In one of his most important and powerful interviews, today billionaire Eric Sprott warned King World News that we are going to see a failure to deliver gold and lawsuits that will emerge from banks manipulating the gold market.  The Canadian billionaire also included an astonishing chart.  Below is what Sprott, Chairman of Sprott […]

Rick Rule: “Every Billionaire I Know Took Bets Contrary To Conventional Wisdom At The Time That Were Highly Risky” / By Tekoa Da Silva / December 20, 2013 I had the opportunity recently to reconnect with legendary resource financier and investor, Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott U.S. Holdings. It was a fascinating conversation, as Rick indicated the resource market is exhibiting all the classic signs of a major bottom, to which investors face downside risks of about 50%—juxtaposed against […]


Billionaire Sprott Asks How Will People Survive What’s Coming? / October 18, 2013 In the aftermath of the dollar plunge and the gold surge this week, today in his King World News interview billionaire Eric Sprott asked the chilling question, with the collapse that is coming, “as human beings, how is everyone going to survive?”  He then stated, “It’s a scary prospect.”  Below is […]

Billionaire Sprott Says World To Witness A Frightening Collapse / August 23, 2013 Today billionaire Eric Sprott warned King World News that the world is in for a massive and frightening collapse.  He also startled KWN when he revealed what his biggest fear is when the mega-collapse takes place.  This is the second of three interviews with the Canadian billionaire that will be released […]

Sprott – We Are Seeing Unprecedented Events In Gold & Silver / July 26, 2013 On the heels of JP Morgan announcing its desire to exit the physical commodity business, today billionaire Eric Sprott spoke with King World News about the unprecedented events taking place in the gold and silver markets.  This is the second in a series of interviews with Sprott that will be released […]

Sprott’s Thoughts: Silver Is Winning India’s “War on Gold” / By Ed Steer / June 29, 2013 ¤ YESTERDAY IN GOLD & SILVER After doing nothing for the first couple of hours in Far East trading on their Friday, the high-frequency traders spun all the precious metal prices lower starting around 8:30 a.m. Hong Kong time. Gold’s subsequent rally lasted until 2:00 p.m. […]

Admiral Sprott Rides Again! / By Andrew Hoffman / March 25th, 2013 As readers know well, I regard “ADMIRAL (a/k/a Eric) SPROTT” as the leader of the global movement to end the Cartel’s stranglehold over gold and silver prices.  Not only does he have the brainpower – and will – to “lead the charge,” but the financial muscle to DEFEAT our deadly, evil opponents. Sprott has done more for our cause – particularly […]