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Gold shops: Coming to a high street near you? / By Jon Yeomans, The Telegraph, London / July 16, 2017 At Baird & Co.’s gold refinery, boss Nick Hammond is sorting through a tray of scrap jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces, a horse pendant (called a “banger” because it is hollow, and could explode under high heat) and a military medallion dated 1895 are all destined […]

UK COLUMN: Putin Meets Trump, UK Foreign Office £1 Billion ‘Conflict’ Slush Fund, TTIP By Stealth / UK Column News / July 10, 2017  21st Century Wire says… At long last, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin finally meet at the G20 in Hamburg, while the UK continues to fund its shadow state building in Syria through a series of NGOs which are in reality are running a web of clandestine regime change networks, […]

Armed US immigration Officers to Be Stationed in UK Airports / 21WIRE + Daily Mail  / JULY 10, 2017 21st Century Wire says… This latest move by the US is being sold to unwitting British holiday makers and business travelers as a “solution to long immigration queues at US airports.”  Under the new scheme, airlines would be forced foot the bill for US security personnel and […]

UK, Netherlands: wrong sperm, three parents, ultimate agenda / by Jon Rappoport / JULY 3, 2017 Sperm bank mix-up of sperm samples; DNA from three people to produce a baby. What’s going on? In 2016, as reports: “A Dutch medical center has launched an investigation after uncovering that dozens of women may have been fertilized by the wrong sperm. Half of the women who […]

Key Events In The Coming Quiet Week: Brexit, Housing And Lots Of Fed Speakers / by Tyler Durden / Jun 19, 2017 8:55 AM In an otherwise relatively quiet week in which the only upcoming US data is housing, current account and jobless claims, UK politics will again draw attention, one year (on Friday) after the Brexit referendum and as noted earlier, Brexit negotiations begin on Monday, despite lingering political uncertainty […]

The Anatomy of Brown’s Gold Bottom / By: Keith Weiner / 12 June 2017 As most in the gold community know, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown announced on 7 May, 1999 that HM Treasury planned to sell gold. The dollar began to rise, from about 110mg gold to 120mg on 6 July, the day of the first […]

Dow Jones News Today: Stocks Climb Before UK Snap Election / by Garrett Baldwin / June 7, 2017 In Dow Jones news today, stocks climbed before the UK snap election. However, markets are still on edge ahead of former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony tomorrow. Here are the numbers from Wednesday for the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq: Index Closing Point Change Percentage Change Dow Jones 21,173.69 […]

FACIAL RECOGNITION: UK Police Starting to Make Arrests

Photo: Nikolaos S. Karastathis. Source: Wikicommons / 21WIRE + WalesOnline / JUNE 7, 2017 It is being reported that biometric automatic facial recognition (AFR) systems used by British police have now resulted in their first arrest. Police in Cardiff, Wales claim to have made the arrest on 31 May, but have provided very little information about […]

Asian Metals Market Update: June-07-2017 / By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants / 7 June 2017 It seems all terror attacks in democratic nations happen before an election. I rarely find any terrorist attack after an election. I am confident that once UK and German elections are over, Europe will not see terror attacks for quite a long time. In Europe or […]

The Market Has Zero Concerns About Thursday’s UK Election / by Tyler Durden / Jun 5, 2017 12:03 PM Having learned its lesson that both an “unexpected” result (in the case of Brexit and Trump), and a “priced in”, favorable election outcome both lead to higher risk prices, the market no longer even pretends to be nervous about the outcome of this Thursday’s general election in the […]