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Greenwald: The U.S. Media Just Suffered Its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages / by Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept / Dec 10, 2017 11:00 PM Friday was one of the most embarrassing days for the U.S. media in quite a long time. The humiliation orgy was kicked off by CNN, with MSNBC and CBS close behind, with countless pundits, commentators and operatives joining the party throughout the day. […]

Bitcoin Futures Begin Trading – Let The Madness Commence! / By Michael Snyder on December 10th, 2017 One of the things that I love about Bitcoin is that the fun never seems to end.  On Sunday, Bitcoin futures began trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange for the first time ever, and within minutes the CBOE’s website crashed.  What a perfect metaphor.  Bitcoin and other […]

Bitcoin billionaire Winklevoss sees the cryptocurrency replacing gold / By Olga Kharif via Bloomberg News / December 9, 2017 Cameron Winklevoss, thought to be one of the largest holders of bitcoin, thinks the cryptocurrency’s blazing gains this year are just the start. He predicts it will rise as much as 20-fold as investors come to view it as an upgrade to gold. Wall […]

Russia-China real gold standard means end of U.S. dollar dominance / CHRIS POWELL / December 9, 2017 Dear Friend of GATA and Gold: Interviewing Swiss monetary metals expert Claudio Grass today, Russian government news agency Russia Today signifies again that the Russian government knows all about the Western gold price suppression scheme even if the monetary metals mining industry refuses to acknowledge it. The interview […]

Central Banks Are Ready To Fight To The End To Protect Their Economic System – Episode 1444a

X22Report, Published on Dec 10, 2017 Restaurant traffic is declining and the rising wages are going to close down many restaurants in the next year or so. Retirees are spending almost all their retirement money supporting their children, and the situation is not improving. The central bankers will fight to the end to keep their […]

Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis speaks with DoD Comptroller David L. Norquist, June 15, 2017 / by Tyler Durden / Dec 10, 2017 4:48 PM After decades of waste, overpayments, trillions of missing or improperly accounted for dollars, and most recently losing track of 44,000 US soldiers, the Pentagon is about to undergo its first audit in history conducted by 2,400 […]

California Is the Unluckiest State In the US-Or, Is There Something Else At Work? / By Dave Hodges / December 10th, 2017 California has got to be the unluckiest state in the country. Or, is there something else at work? SOURCE The post California Is the Unluckiest State In the US-Or, Is There Something Else At Work? appeared first on Silver For The People.

The Seven Questions Goldman’s Clients Have About “Rational Exuberance” / by Tyler Durden / Dec 10, 2017 4:00 PM In mid-November, just days after Barclays released its 2018 equity outlook with the title “Rational Exuberance”… … Goldman’s David Kostin decided that imitation was the sincerest form of unveiling a non-contrarian year-end forecast, and in presenting his revised S&P price target for 2018 of 2,850 – which accounts […]

“Critical to Mass Adoption” / By Eric Peters / December 10, 2017 Welfare used to be about government cheese. Today’s it’s about grafting thousands of dollars to rich people so as to “encourage” them to drive around in electric cars. Few seem to mind because electrics are the cablinasians of the car world; affirmative action/diversity hires whose merits must not be questioned […]

Preparing For Apocalyptic Weather – What are you missing

FullSpectrumSurvival, Published on Dec 10, 2017 As soon as this video stopped rendering, we had a 36 hour blackout. If we weren’t ready with propane and prepared to close up the tiny home, we would have suffered. Many people nearby live in unsafe trailers and homes that aren’t ready for deep winter storms for this […]